Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?


Strangely, I feel the same way about tater tots. You should not be eating a tater tot if you are over the age of 8. Stick to actual french fries or even a hash brown patty for pete’s sake. But the same food in lump/nugget form should be for kids only.

(Dan) #122

Its a big food world. My list of foods I enjoy well outweigh the handful of foods I pass over. It is a rarity to enjoy or even experience every food.

Im just enjoying the thread because you can be a HO and not like everything but learn a hell of a lot in the process.


(Kathy S. ) #123

I’m not! I can happily say I eat everything. While I do not like certain things, I will still eat them.

I am particular about certain things though, I will pick chocolate over raisins in pastries every time. I refuse to eat lettuce and tomato on top of a burger, I prefer it on the side. And I’ll always opt for grilled onions on meat, although I love raw onions in salads.
Oh, and I’m particular about temperature, Brie at room temperature or baked. Cherries slightly cooler than room temp. Steak, burgers and fries always served hot!
Ok, never mind, I guess I am very picky. But I’m picky about technique more than food.

Oh, last one, never, never ketchup on scrambled eggs.

(saregama) #124

Love ketchup on hot dogs. :woman_shrugging:

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Also love ketchup on scrambled eggs. :woman_shrugging:
(not homemade soft scrambled but cafeteria-style hard scrambled)

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Really? It makes sense to me… (says the picky eater :joy:)

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Same lol


Only thing in this world is rhubarb pie. I’m down with everything else . I only have 1 food fear .

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Haha, is there a story?


No. I just don’t like it . Oh , I have one more . That green jello salad served at Christmas with fruit in it .

(saregama) #131

I don’t understand rhubarb…

(Kathy S. ) #132

I love dill.
And banana bread.
And cucumbers! Actually, I’m going to the farmer’s market now, I’m going to look for some!

(Kathy S. ) #133

I’m not crazy about canned fruit, although I’ll eat it, I prefer fresh, I feel the canned variety is overly sweet and the flavors are muted.
However I had some with matcha self serve and it was tasty.
I really will eat anything under the right circumstance. I can’t think of one thing I refuse to eat.


Look for the little Persian cucumbers. Peel , cut lengthwise. Remove any seeds . Chop, mix with minced garlic. A tiny bit of red onion . And some of those great tomatoes that are coming out of the gardens now . Olive oil and red wine vinegar. Let sit for a short time .Tear some basil leaves over the top and serve.


You have me beat by two . Might have to add rats to the list . I would eat bats before rats


Count me in as anti- banana. Actually totally can’t deal with the fruit as is, or in smoothies etc but i’m ok with banana bread. I try some again evey year or so thinking i’ll get over it, but…nope.

I think i just ate a lifetime worth of bananas before i was 12 years old !


I was just going to post the same thing about Red Delicious apples! I don’t HATE them exactly but I don’t like them either.

We had a lot of threads on this subject back at CH and at first it surprised me how many food loving folks disliked very commonly used things like , as in this thread, garlic, dill, chiles, cumin, celery, etc. My first thought was to wonder how one would possibly avoid ingredients that are basic building blocks of the world’s cooking - especially if you loved food! Then of course I realized that you can just explore a different set of basic building blocks.

The only ingredients that completely ruin a dish for me are salt, if there’s way too much of it, and hot peppers, if they are trying-to-win-a-bet hot.


You know, red delicious apples, apple juice, cheerios, graham crackers, and raisins all fall under the “i won’t seek them out” yet won’t straight up refuse them category for me- most certainly since i ate a lifetime worth as a kid.
once i realized how many more interesting and more delicious options there were out there i never looked back…!


This post is mildly amusing


I don’t know if the one you have tasted had the truffle flavour. I had a bottle, but didn’t find much truffle, upon inspection the ingredients, only truffle aroma.