Edible cartoons and comics


Love that! We should a food comics and cartoon thread.

The first examples are from the New Yorker. Enjoy and have fun.


Is it this? :rofl::smile:

Are there any ingredients that completely ruin a dish for you?
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Not because I dislike cilantro but the comic is hilarious.


Lol, that would be me with cilantro in my bed. If I have it at home, it’s going into my food somehow.

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I LOVE cilantro! It’s not for everyone! I want to share it with non HO folk! How to?

Wait…I have a subscription to the New Yorker!

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Download the image and share away :slight_smile:

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I love Cilantro. The smell is wonderful too.


Thanks! I like these two



Love that! We should a food comics and cartoon thread.


Heading out for dinner and liking this one…



Like this one


By Donald Reilly


And these.

By Phil Jone



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I love these


Oh my god, the frog legs one had me burst out laughing so hard. :rofl::rofl:




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There’s already a food cartoons thread from a couple of years ago.


Oh, do you know its title? I can’t find it. Will combine them if possible.

(erica) #19

I can’t find it either, though I know I posted New Yorker cartoons to it. Maybe it was Chowhound though it seems.more recent. There are also lots of cartoons in the magazine’s foodie book, Secret Ingredients.

(John) #20

The frogs legs was the first cartoon I thought of.