Aldi Products Yea/Meh/Nay 2023-2024

Tried a new product?

Found an AldiDeal you’d recommend?

What are your regular purchases?

Any “one and dones” that were plain terrible?

Please share with your fellow Aldi devotees.

Note: this thread is specifically about products at Aldi, not more general raves/complaints about the shopping experience. A quick search turns up those topics, as well as other chains. Thanks!


Big YEA - Tavern Cheese Pizza. Crispy thin crust, lots of good quality Wisconsin cheese. A repeat buy for sure.

@linguafood I’m betting you’d like this.

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I haven’t been in a while - thanks for the nudge!

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Bags of small chocolate chunks are available at Aldi’s, they have been unavailable at TJ’s for months.

I’ve not heard good stuff about Aldi pizza, and their Chicago deep dish is awful - the crust is an affront to all things pizza (tho my PIC likes it). I’ll check it out some time!

I recently picked up the chicken parm cutlets bc someone in my Facebook WFD group likes both the pork and chicken cutlets. Not sure if she’s tried these yet, but they’ll make for a quick (and hopefully tasty) weeknight meal :-).

I also saw burrata at Aldi for the first time, at $4.89. TJ’s is $4.99 IIRC, and I love it. Might have to grab that to compare.

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I like the Fremont Market frozen salmon croquettes (when they have them) and the frozen chipotle black bean burgers. Some of the frozen items in what I call the “here today, gone tomorrow” case are good, but it’s so unpredictable. May try the goat cheese and fig pizza next time.


Pork tenderloin, plain type, not marinated with seasonings. Veggies are good too. I also like the sourdough bread, very much like TJs but less $$.

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Ditto - closest one to me is in Salem, NH and I have to make a concerted effort to go to that area of Salem. However, I have some coupons to use at World Market that are going to be ending on the 31st, so maybe a double stop for me.


See, THIS is the stuff I’d like! OK, I guess I’m going shopping on Saturday.

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I think it’s a limited time special buy, FYI.

We don’t have any Aldi’s that I know of. I don’t shop there. Happy to keep adding to the TJ’s thread :slight_smile:

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Their Mama Cozzi’s take and bake refrigerated pizza has a lot of fans but I am not one of them.

Oh, oops!

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Yeah, mine is in the same complex as Costco but I stopped going when they started delivering via Instacart.

Now that I think about it, that Aldi’s also delivers via Instacart, though it would defeat the point of their pricing (though might break even to travel cost…) Still, there’s fun to browsing (for some of us anyway!)

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The tavern-style you recommended (and I picked up earlier) is also Mama Cozzi’s AFAIK. I also grabbed the pistachio gelato dessert cups from the freezer & their burrata besides my usual staples of YAYS, i.e. the lox, gem lettuces, and avocados. The black tiger shrimp are back as well, FYI.


The closest one to me is on the opposite side of some ugly road construction, so I havent been in a while!

YAY for the dark chocolate covered espresso beans.

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Stopped by my store while out running errands yesterday…they were changing out everything for the week, so it was largely empty shelves.

One of the few times I’ve ever left the story empty handed

YAY for the Norwegian herb & salt crisp breads. I stocked up on them - love them with havarti.