Your favorite spicy restaurant condiment / hot sauce


AGREED…that’s a priceless post, @NotJrvedivici !!!


I love this mix, too. It’s common to find in Portuguese/Brazilian groceries, vinegar mix of malaguetas, garlic, biquinhos, etc, or is easy to make oneself

Any self-respecting Brazilian restaurant has it always on hand.

On the same vein, I like the Portuguese sauce called “massa de pimentao” which is typically used to season meat and seafood, and of course Piri Piri sauce as well.

There’s one hot sauce I recently found in a Brazilian market made with Trinidad scorpion peppers that’s really good as well, called Scorpion Pepper Sauce.

Inca Food makes some decent canned hot sauces, like their spicy rocoto sauce.


Separate of Chengdu 1 Palace’s hot and spicy jumbo prawns that @paryzer is torturing me with, I’ve become a fan of Mazi Piri-Piri sauce. I use it VERY sparingly, but WOWSA, it’s good!

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Also the plot of my favorite 80s porn movie :grin:



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At Pho Friendly in Trenton, they have Lao Gan Ma on the tables. It is delicious with meatballs. Love that MSG!

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This should be the opening scene of your movie. Amazing.

@goodparmesan Whenever I’m at a Brazilian place I eat way too many of those tiny vinegared peppers. Those things pack a whollop!

@paryzer Damn that looks epic… I really need to get my hands on some of that!!

@esjro Damn I can’t believe a restaurant is putting out Lao Gan Ma. Honestly I’m not sure if I’d want that in my pho, the level of MSG-jackedness in there can so easily take over the whole dish. But I bet it would be great for dipping!!

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Went to Nonna’s in Englishtown last night. I’ve had a lot of excellent meals there, but this Chicken Giambotta outdoes them all. I asked for extra spicy and they delivered. Tender chicken, a flavorful and spicy sauce, crispy potato chips with rosemary, and tons of hot cherry peppers. It was surprisingly wickedly spicy.



Wow that looks good! I love when places can turn the heat level up. I’m not sure if you have seen the Drews hodown thread, but it will be a real feast! It would be nice to meet you and Justin. I can assure you this will be a wonderful meal. Drew always comes through and Eli did a great job putting this together.

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That’s actually a major pet peeve of mine. I’ll say it here instead of the other thread. I despise when restaurants advertise a dish as spicy and it comes out not even mild. I know I can withstand stronger heat than some, but even I can tell when no effort was made as opposed to it just not being hot enough. I despise even more when you ask a place to turn the heat up even more and they say yes but do not deliver. Nonna’s was the exception. When I asked for extra spicy the waitress said, “It is already quite spicy but if you want more we will give it to you.” Yes please!

Unfortunately I cannot make this HOdown either. We would love to meet everyone here. Hopefully some time soon. For now, my cardboard cutout will have to suffice.

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Here’s a moment I can share. I used to eat at Bollywood Tadka frequently when my dad was around. Haven’t been there since. Just one of those places I can’t go back to. Anyway, I became friendly with the team of waiters, including one guy named Rakesh who followed my food blog and would like my posts. After many visits of asking for “extra spicy” and them just not quite delivering, I ordered and pulled him aside and said, “I want you to make this as hot as you possibly can.” He said okay and disappeared. Maybe 15 minutes later, he comes out to our table with the chef holding a bowl of peppers. There were red ones and green ones, seeds hanging everywhere. Rakesh says, “I just wanted to show you what we’re going to do to you.” Needless to say, that was one of the spiciest, most painful meals I ever had in my life. But an adrenaline rush like no other. They gave me ice cream on the house. It was needed.


Nice! I have a similar story. The hottest dish I’ve had from a restaurant was at muang thai. (Sans some chicken wings I got in lake placid but that is a different story.)

I have told this before but maybe this was before you joined. I called up and ordered a dish for for my exwife and I. I got drunken noodles with beef. I ordered take out and I had a really bad cell connection. The Thai lady obviously didn’t speak English as her first language so I was off to a rocky start. Compound this with a horrible connection and things weren’t going well. I was asking her to make it extra spicy. She didn’t quite understand me and I said “make it hot”

She was like “I can’t hear you” and I stupidly said hot way too many times as she couldn’t hear me. I think she heard hot about ten times. She probably thought I was insane. So my ex picks up the food and I take a bite. HOT! I WAS STUNNED! So I have another bite and the heat starts creeping on me. I was amazed. I take a third bite and I’m like “wtf did they put in this?” I take another bite and I was floored. My ex says “you don’t look good at all. Are ok? You look like a ghost. Should we go to the hospital?” (Keep in mind she picked the food up and works at riverview)

I ended up throwing it out. Freaking totally ridiculous heat and I can handle some spice.

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Wow! Reminds me of a curry I had at a Thai restaurant in Lambertville. I nearly cried. I gotta find a picture of it.


I’d love to see a pic! Deepak is the owner at haldi chowk and he will make you some seriously hot stuff if you ask him. When you’re sweating and snot is pouring out of your nose, it’s hot lol

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Oh yes, I still have to drop in for their spicy curry challenge or whatever it is they were advertising.

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Here it is. It may not look like much, but keep in mind the dish was already incredibly spicy BEFORE I foolishly stirred in the topper of peppers. It was a LONG car ride home from Lambertville that night. I remember feeling lightheaded.



Lmk…I’d be happy to meet you and Justin and see if one of us can get on the “wall of fame” :smile: