Your favorite spicy restaurant condiment / hot sauce

I know there are plenty of heat lovers on this board. I just got a taste of what might be the tastiest and spiciest hot sauce I have ever had in a restaurant in NJ and thought I’d make a post about it.

In Asbury, these is an absolute trash pile of a hole in the wall restaurant called Chinese Gourmet. I mean this place is a classic “ghetto” joint, they even sell loosies. It’s not the kind of place you feel “comfortable” ordering in. The place is real grimy, especially their condiment bottles. It might have been years since they’ve been washed, who knows.

Their food is fine though, tastes like just about any other takeout place in the neighborhood.

Behind those grimy walls, sitting on one of their 2 dine-in tables, is some top notch hot sauce. It tastes like a habanero based sauce that was created due to the Caribbean influence in the area. Like it was born to go on some jerk chicken or something like that. This stuff is so good my first thought was that I needed to get these people t bottle this shit. It’s more of a chili paste than a hot sauce, but either way it’s awesome.

If anyone is a spice fiend and in the area, I’d recommend popping in just to taste the hot sauce.

Anyway, that got me thinking… what other awesome hot sauce or spicy condiments are out there? Anyone got any favorites?


Portuguese Manor in Perth Amboy has a wonderful hot sauce that you have to ask for. It is homemade by the maitre’d using malagueta peppers. Some nights it is pleasantly spicy, other nights it is lethal and takes your breath away. Great on steaks, seafood, everything really.


@corvette_johnny may remember a restaurant in Hazlet’s Airport Plaza called Coconut Forest that lasted for the blink of an eye about 10 years ago. It was a sit-down Chinese restaurant with average food, but they had a killer spicy mustard. Again, you had to ask for it. They would give you the “regular” duck sauce and mustard with the crispy noodles when you sat down, but if you asked for something extra spicy they would bring it to you. That stuff could clear your sinuses in a hurry!

I haven’t been to PM in like 15 years but man that place was legendary. Still the best garlic shrimp I’ve had in the area.

I think I do remember the hot sauce at the table, it’s oil based, right?

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It probably has not changed in those 15 years. I’ve been going my whole life. The garlic shrimp are ordered every single time I go. Dipping bread in that sauce is a religious experience.

The maitre’d told me the sauce is just peppers and oil. That’s it.

Cool topic. I really can’t think of too many I would consider truly hot. I only went once to the Caribbean flavor place in freehold. I really liked their sauce but I believe it has a new owner so it could be gone or different now.

Greg, I’m pissed I never got to try that mustard! I’m a big mustard fan too. And yes, I remember the coconut…pretty decent spot. I used to get Malaysian dishes their too.

Joon, is far east still doing malay? And good dishes you like?

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Hey, FET hasn’t changed their menu in like 20 years, their menu includes Thai and Malay but are not “authentic.” Still tastes great though.

IMO you can’t go wrong with anything at FET, but my favorite dish is the spicy Thai pork.

I also love the curries there because they are gloppy, unlike the authentic stuff. Red and green are my faves. If you’re looking for a real good time, ask for 3 chili.

Speaking of hot sauces, my second favorite dish there is the whole fried fish, but you have to ask for the spicy fish sauce. It’s like a warm diluted prik nam pla, but I feel like there must be something else to it. If you don’t ask for the hot fish sauce they will bring you some BS sweet and sour sauce. The spicy fish sauce is awesome with the fried fish.

I love the sauce in Tillie’s Cajun shrimp and grits which contains shishito peppers, sherry, hot sauce, and garlic. It is nice and garlicky and goes great with the shrimp and grits.


Costanera has a really spicy aji salsa verde that goes great with their quinoa crusted cod fish.


Leave it to Eli to show off some killer dishes and always make us hungry :smile:

If we are talking non-condiments (not sure if that is a word,) I’m throwing copper canyon salsa into the mix. I could bathe in this stuff! Great spice, ample heat, wonderful smoke profile, and it is a smoother salsa…not chunky and more of a puree. I always start with some chips and salsa.

They have a brie dish with roasted garlic cloves that is baked with this salsa. It is served with flour tortillas. It is an outstanding dish. I am not even a brie fan but this dish really shines! I’ve tried to replicate this and have come somewhat close.

Greg have you tried any dishes from here?


Awesome comment. Belongs in a crime novel.


I also love whatever spicy dry rub they put on the hot and spicy lobster and prawns at Chengdu 1 Palace, along with the Sichuan and chili peppers and celery and ginger combination. It is addictive.


I’m an extreme spice wuss myself so I’ll ask my husband. I know he really likes the hot sauce that Neelam makes. The owner makes it and it is always a little different. You have to ask for a side of it.

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@joonjoon: What are Loosies?
BBQ sauce story- In the old days, Arthur Bryant’s would make their own sauce in giant glass jugs which would set in the front window for at least months, aging and blending into spicy goodness. Not allowed anymore, sadly.

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Loose cigarettes. I remember as a teenager you could buy them for a quarter haha. Pretty sure it is illegal.


I was trying to imagine what Chinese food item could fit the bill.
That’s quite a bit different. :slight_smile:

Yup! It’s 50c at Chinese Gourmet if you want to relive your youth!

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That’s f’n hysterical!! You know when I read your post I thought to myself it must be a generational thing, that “loosies” must have a different meaning these days because who the f#ck would be selling loosies in 2019?

This reminds me a couple years ago a buddy and I went to a bar in PA and believe it or not; smoking was still permitted in bars in PA!! I walked into this place and I could NOT believe it was smoke filled. I was so caught up in the nostalgia I bought a stranger a drink and asked to bum a couple smokes. As some classic AC/DC played on the juke box, it was 1989 again and in my minds eye I was 19 years old with my 87’ fire engine red trans am was in the parking lot and God d*mmit I was going to enjoy my Hot Tub Time Machine Moment.

I took a sip of my drink, followed by lighting that cig which was hanging from my lower lip (James Dean style)…my head nodding/banging a bit to Thunderstuck I took a loooooonnnnggggg deep drag…my lungs filling with the warm smoke, which felt like the long loving embrace of an old friend. This further reinforcing the Hot Tub Time machine moment…my eyes started to tear up with what I at first thought was the joy of the flashback, but soon I came to realize was actually my lungs completely rejecting that long loving embrace as I started to cough and convulse so hard I shot that sip of my drink out my nose, and since that drink was vodka, hot smokey vodka coming out your nose is a rather disturbing feeling which just caused me to cough and gag even more…

Somewhere around this point I was hunched over the bar chest heaving trying to get one good breath of air while trying to clear the snot vodka mix strewn in my mustache I have my hands up around my mouth which gives observers the impression I must be choking so they proceed to try and administer the heimlich…

Eventually a line of people gathered either smacking me on the back or trying to dry hump me…unable to speak I just stood there weak and gasping as random strangers smacked and humped me.

I don’t think I want to try this place but thanks for the memory Joon.

Oh FWIW I’m pretty much addicted to sriracha, that is my go to hot sauce.


Haha I gave up smoking about 10 years ago but thanks!

The metal picture of this scene is hysterical!!! :joy::joy::joy:

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