Your favorite spicy restaurant condiment / hot sauce

(Greg Caggiano) #50

Still one of my favorite dishes ever remains the shrimp in “Devil’s Sauce” from Los Corrales in Keyport. Sweat and snot-inducing yes, but oh so flavorful. I never ordered anything else after I found this dish.



Wow that Thai pic is serious! Wowzers! Nice shot. I haven’t been out to lambertville / new hope in a while. I need to get back.

I remember you liked the shrimp dish. I have to get there too. It looks great!


I remember a couple of dinners when my husband was in a “order everything as hot as possible” phase. He would be white knuckling the table and unable to carry on a conversation. Great times…


Let me preface this by saying that I am pepper head and I really like spicy foods. Ive been frequenting of late a relatively new restaurant located in Brick known as Falafel Brothers. These are the same guys who used to run Ibby’s in Freehold. Anyway, they have a serious hot sauce and I can only handle a few drops in my falafel. Anything more and I will be paying for it later if you know what I mean. They will warn you several times before handing the good stuff out. Good luck.


I will pass this along to my husband! My mom grows him hot peppers and we dehydrate them, grind them up and he puts that on everything. Usually habaneros but sometimes scotch bonnet. One year, ghost peppers but I think that was too much.

(Joon) #55

Absolutely not my favorite condiment, but I went to Jack’s in Long Branch yesterday and tried their 911 wings. They warned me not to get it but what the heck, I wanted to try it.

So the wings come out, and they’re not dressed, the sauce was on the side. I put a reasonable coating of the sauce on the wings and took a big bite. I mean how spicy can it be, right?

Well… somehow I managed to get all of the sauce covered portion of the wing in 1 bite. And the outcome… well, I didn’t know my eyeballs and eyelid could sweat.

It was painful, but a lot of fun. It had been a while since I had eaten something truly brain meltingly spicy. If you’re the type of person whose idea of a good time is burning your mouth off with spicy food, give it a go!