Your favorite dishes with mustard

My husband has discovered mustard (better late than never), and is now making his own whole seed beer mustard. The recipe is really good, but it makes a fair amount. Do any of you have a favorite recipe that uses this kind of mustard? I’d love to try them. Thanks!


Two ideas that work well with grain mustard (or Dijon)

  1. Cut chicken breast horizontally and, if needed, bat out to a roughyl similar thickness. Slather on the mustard. Press breadcrumbs into it. Bake for 20 minutes or so at 180. You can add all sorts of stuff to the breadcrumbs - maybe chopped nuts; maybe herbs.

  2. Mix mustard with honey. Slather on to gammon steaks. Pour some orange juice over and around. Bake for around 30 minutes at 180. The juice/mustard/honey blend into a lovely sticky sauce.

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@LindaWhit has a good chicken diable recipe…i add chili flake

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I like to rub mustard on my pork ribs before going into the smoker .

What did he put on hot dogs :hotdog: prior to this revelation?




Dry Mustard? Or, wet?

I use dry mustard, fennel, anise seeds plus a pinch of cinnamon (sometimes with turmeric) on roasted squash for oven.

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Wet . Plain old french’s mustard

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I would fill an ice cube tray to portion out handy frozen amounts to use in stews, roasts, chili, soup, dips.

Slathered on any protein. Added to dips, marinades and dressings.

My fav way is slathered on a pork tenderloin and grilled.

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If the mustard isn’t super-grainy, this (and you can bake the wedges - they need not be grilled):

Or potato salad. Potatoes for the win!

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Yes! Great with grilled pork, belly and ribs! (and a bit honey and white wine, or beer).

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This is delicious.

This is a really simple recipe to use beer mustard:

1 slice Rye bread with
1 generous smear of mustard add
1 cooked Bratwurst add
1 scoop sauerkraut

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You could do a mustard pan sauce for about anything- something like this

I use any kind of mustard for vinegrette, you can always blitz in a blender to make it smooth

And of course you will now have to make fresh soft pretzels or knish since both must have a good sturdy mustard alongside


Following emglow101’s tune (he/she suggests pork ribs), I find any mustard to be a great element in long-cooked meats, notably beef brisket, along with the spice rub. The result doesn’t really taste mustardy, but I am convinced the mustard is making something special happen.

Also, the best salmon filet I’ve had was years ago with a mustard-intensive glaze. Probably didn’t hurt that the provider had caught the fish himself that day or day before. I’ve been wondering how to recreate that recipe for over 30 years.


A deep rich mustard that the hubs is making… sounds great!
On any kind of roast, prior to the oven, especially a low and slow chuck roast.
Baked beans…a nice table spoon or two into the mix.
Perhaps one of my favorite…mix honey, rice wine vinegar and some mustard… a sweet/sour/tangy sauce for any kind of grilled pork chop. (Which I will be making for tonight.)

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Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions. I think tonight might be pork chops with mustard sauce. Here’s the mustard recipe if you’d like to try it. It’s super easy, but you need to let it age for two weeks.


My thick cut rib chops about 1 inch, are in the brine now . Will take them out S&P a bit of evoo into a screaming hot grill pan for a few minutes on each side, then a 350 degree oven for another 6 to 8 minutes. Already made the mustard sauce to serve along side…

Sides smashed red potatoes/ salad of greens/tomato/cucumber/shaved carrots/black olives/curls of parm-reg cheese.
Pictures later

Another mustard suggestion, replace the beer with water & add 1/4 cup roasted garlic; leave out the brown sugar & honey.