Your favorite dishes with mustard


I regularly do a healthy scoop of whole seed mustard with a smaller scoop of brown sugar and top a filet of salmon. Bake/broil until done. Embarrassingly easy but we love it.

Also, I like a whole seed mustard, dried rosemary, sherry, little brown sugar rub on a pork loin. Marinate if you have time. Bake till the temp you like.


I just use regular brown guldens…no need for anything fancy to hold your rub.

I love mustard on soft pretzels. … Well all pretzels but I think it shines on soft ones.



Close second

probably dating myself with this one
Coat top of swordfish steak with a very generous amount mustard, top with buttery well seasoned breadcrumbs with lots of fresh parsley, place fish in a round aluminum restaurant take out pan, add white wine, butter, olive oil and lemon, enough that 3/4 of the fish is submerged. Cook in hot oven, until just cooked through … so good the fish comes out really moist as if it has been poached, the top has a slightly crunchy texture … don’t over cook!


that is true. Meathead suggest mustard or oil but since I use his Memphis rub recipe, I just wanted to simplify and not complicate the taste and use peanut oil. Perhaps it would not make much of a difference but I am used to that method. As for his brisket, the rib is different. I also use a different rub on my chicken wings.


One of my favorite is halibut in foil, coated with a little butter and Costco’s pesto which is a staple here, then into grill. When it comes out of the grill, the bottom of the foil would be burnt but the halibut is crunchy but still moist . I like to slather more pesto .


Sounds similar to my “toaster oven Halibut” is there mustard involved :thinking:


+1 on Costco pesto! I’ve never tried it on fish. I might have to try it on sword or monk.


no, I just add a pad of butter, and smear some pesto. Add more pesto when it come out of the grill. Difficult to find halibut here in the County but it is a favorite dish.
I also love chilean seabass which is a favorite. I love it seared with just a little peanut oil till it is blackened and crusty, take the fish out, add ginger, garlic and spring onions ( sometimes I add those towards the end of searing as the seabass is a very oily fish and the oil that comes out is full of omega. ) , then add miso, a splash of white wine if available or if not, shaoxing wine, a splash of mirin , which counteracts the saltiness of the miso, a small amount of broth ( I have the habit of using vegetables when they are peeled plus asparagus ends and roasted shrimp shells to make broth ) Leave that on the stove for just a minute or two, and as it is thickening, place the fish back on to the frying pan, serve immediately right from the frying pan to be served with kokuho red rice. That is a favorite dish here in my home.


Salad dressing.


I think this thread needs more pics!

Harold’s deli. This was AFTER I tanked three sizeable pastrami sandwiches lol. A sandwich is like 28 bucks but if you’re looking to hammer some food and take a bunch home, this spot isn’t fooling around. You get unlimited pickles at their famous pickle bar and as much rye as you can stuff your face with…and even take home. They will give you a loaf to bring home included in the price…gluttony. I literally feel like I’m in shape when I come here lol :smile: . There are some big dudes prowling around!


The entire point of soft pretzels is as a salt and mustard delivery vehicle for me.
Unfortunately nyc street pretzels suck now (unless you’re a starving tourist who has never had one) but I’m always on the lookout for them…!


Where is Harold’s Deli? We’ve been to Katz’s.


SF has a lot of them also. I’ve never had.


Edison nj. It isn’t the greatest pastrami but it is pretty decent. The portions are ridiculous and I love the pickle bar. You can get three meals out of one sandwich, maybe more…large meals.

If you want to see crazy pics look on Google images.

I will put my flame suit on now but some of the best pastrami I’ve had was at the NY NY hotel in Vegas at greenburgs. I’f you go early when they first open you can get it hot and hot soft marbled rye. Totally unexpected ! A lot of NYC folks would probably balk at this but I bet in a taste test it would stack up favorably. You can even ask the guys to sample some of the days fresh beef and they will gladly slice you off some to try. Delicious. One of the best cheap meals you can get in LV imo.


I haven’t been to Vegas in probably 20 years even though I live in Reno. Would far rather have it in your neck of the woods. Along with NY bagels :slight_smile:


Yeah bagels here are the only way to do it. I was just really impressed with the pastrami and rye there. It was just really moist and smoky. There is some good beef here obviously but I never expected to have some good stuff like that in LV. It’s fun to try regional food and hit a homerun.


I don’t know what whole seed mustard is. Can you grind it up to make mustard powder? Because if you can, I add a 1/2 tsp to the cheese sauce in mac and cheese. Read it on some website of Gordon Ramsay. It goes very well with sharp cheddar.

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Mustard is a seed. There are a few kinds - yellow, brown & black are the most common. Mustard seeds are ground into mustard powder. The mustard powder you see in stores is usually ground yellow mustard seed. Some mustards are made with mustard powder. You can also buy the ‘whole seed’ & grind your own. Mustard made this way is generally called ‘whole grain’ mustard. Also, usually, if you’re making mustard, you soak the seeds in water, beer, wine or whatever liquid before grinding. Some mustards, like yellow hot dog mustard are all one kind of mustard, in this case yellow mustard. Other mustards are made with combinations of yellow, brown & black. Yellow are the mildest, the brown is in the middle & the black are very spicy.


This sounds interesting, though I haven’t ever made or had the dish.


THAT just got saved! It sounds fantastic. Thanks so much.