XO sauce, store bought or DIY, good recipes?

The Mei xin XO sauce referenced above says online that it’s made with Hokkaido scallops.

I rarely buy XO sauce, since DH is allergic to shellfish, but I’m going to pay more attention to the XO sauce section the next time I go to the asian market. I might just pick up a jar for myself (and my son, who loves stuff like this). And if there’s a whole conpoy in the jar, it’s mine.

Well, if they use Hokkaido scallops then at least they use good ingredients, but that is independent of the idea of putting whole scallops.

Hey, you can always put your own conpoy in there if that is what you like.

Does the DIY XO sauce needs to be refrigerated? How long can it last before the taste starts changing?

But from a bottle I bought recently, it states that once the bottle is opened, it should be put in fridge and be consumed within 7 days. I don’t know if it freezes well.

I would think so. There are just too much meat and proteins to be left at room temperature. However, I think a DIY XO sauce should last in refrigerator for months (the oil and chili and salt should preserve it somewhat)

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Mine seems to have been ok for a month now. Honestly, I think it entirely depends on the salt content and oil content. If most of the green onion and ginger is submerged in oil and you have a decent amount of salt, then it should last a long long long time (like years) in a refrigerated condition. If you don’t have any salt and the green onion and ginger is exposed outside of the oil, then I can see maybe a week or two.

Haven’t paid attention to this whole thread so maybe it’s been said - but my interest was peaked by this thread, saw it at our Costco (Boston) and bought some. Very curious to try it.

I am not thinking maybe I should make some XO sauce, but then I remind myself this simple fact: I am buying XO sauces faster than I consume them, so maybe it is NOT a good idea to make it.

Even store bought, I vaguely remembered I had one staying in fridge for months.

Unfortunately, here I couldn’t find any of the Chinese brand in the Asian stores in Chinatown, only this Lee Brand (NR Instant Produce) coming from Thailand. If you are buying this in Paris, beware that certain stores try to sell you for 15 euro/$18 USD (near the stores in Arts and Métiers) instead of 6.50 euro/$8USD in the 13th district Chinatown for a bottle of 200g.


Decent enough with lots of dried seafood: scallop, squid, crab and shrimp. Not premium quality as the Japanese dried seafood, but with this price, you can’t ask for more. Thai knows their chilis, the spiciness is about right.

I bought this a while ago. Not recommended. Too garlicky. Hiding the clean scallop flavors. Maybe that’s intentional. Now I have too big a jar that I need to finish.


Not a big fan of the preservatives and food coloring that some other brands add to the XO sauce though. I think I’d look into making a batch, and perhaps freeze the extra into cubes.

That. I should just stop buying large jars too. Waste of money most of the time when I forget the jar in the fridge.


You can save them in small sterilised jars seal from air. I think it is better than freezing it.

Me too. Yesterday, I just saw another jar in my cabinet (not opened). I think XO sauce is like my “it would be nice to have” sauce. Every time I see one, I would say to myself that I should have one, but total forgot that I have more at home. Then I don’t use them, and they just sit there.

I like the sauce and it is tasty, but I honesty do not use it on everything like many people do. It isn’t even the top three Chinese sauces I go to.

By the way, yesterday, I just made my salted fish meat cake/pie (鹹魚蒸肉餅) with tons of conpoy. I guess I am just never going to use my conpoy for XO sauce.

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The easiest way for me to use XO sauce is to use it to cook with stir fried vegetables.

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Has anyone tried this XO sauce with sakura shrimps? Its created in partnership with the exec chef Tam Kwok Fung 譚國鋒 of Wing Lei Palace 永利宮 inside Wynn in Macau. The chef was at Jade Dragon Palace 譽瓏軒 last year.

$15 for 80g.

I was surprised to see an XO sauce with sakura shrimp on an end cap at Marina the other day, was this it? Didn’t purchase, as we just brought back a jar from Hong Kong.

Some excellent XO sauce at a recent banquet, the sauce was pretty much all Conpoy. My wife was raving about it so much that she was gifted a jar. Not a fan of XO sauce myself, but will try to learn to use it more and appreciate it.

My dad loves XO sauce - eats it as an accompaniment with anything!

I’ve bought the LKK, which ran about $20 in Ctown I think, but then a much cheaper brand showed up - Amoy? I have to ask him what he thought of it, I bought a jar to try.

I’d love to find a high quality version for him.

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Yes, endcap at Marina. Do you happen to know how much the Lei Garden one costs? What’s the size?