Making ginger scallion sauce


Hey Chem…how long does the green onion/ginger oil keep? Is it something I can make and keep on hand or only when I plan on using it?

XO sauce, store bought or DIY, good recipes?

Do you have a rough ratio? I haven’t really had a green onion/ginger sauce but do make a scallion oil for Viet cuisine and it looks kind of similar. Is it very salty like fermenting chiles? Thanks

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Well, I am just reading a recipe now.
He/she is using
70 gram green onion (scallion), 30 gram ginger, and 1 teaspoon of salt.

I would say I use equal weight of green onion and ginger, and I add salt to taste… my recent one is:
100 gram green onion, 100 gram ginger and 1 teaspoon of salt. Essentially, I have less salt. Come to think of it, I think his recipe is actually probably more normal. I may have used more ginger than most people do. I should have cut it down.

Yes, I would say it is quiet salty. You won’t use a lot on your meat. Yes, I think you are right. It looks very similar to Vietnamese scallion oil. I think the main difference is that I would add the hot oil to the ingredients, as oppose to adding the ingredients to the hot oil and pan.

To me, it is just a very simple sauce to make. Just ginger, green onion and salt, and then add hot oil. There is no expensive ingredient, no long prep time, and no long cook time.


I make the same, except I don’t use hot oil, the spring onion isn’t cooked.


This is the recipe I use. It is in the top three of the many new recipes I’ve tried over the last few years.

Momofuku Ginger-Scallion Sauce

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That looks tasty Wich - I’m gonna try it. Maybe with some shrimp or chicken.


I LOVE that one!! It does make a ton- and i found that two days later it wasn’t nearly as good, but day of and day after were great. I just halved the recipe last time so i could polish it off faster


The best ginger scallion sauce that I have ever tasted actually didn’t have ginger in it. It was at The Chairman in Hong Kong a few years (think of that place as the Chez Panisse of Cantonese food, at least at that time). What made it so good was I believe the use of liquid chicken fat instead of the oil usually used in ginger scallion sauce, and some insanely fragrant scallion. It was substantially better than any ginger scallion sauce that I tried before or afterwards, ginger or not. The whole sauce was just bursting with chicken-y flavors.

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The photo looks so nice. Ok… it has a little more ginger scallion sauce than it needs to be, but the presentation is awesome.