Who wants to talk about Asian dumplings?


Today’s batch;

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Lovely! What’s the filling?


I use that Seriouseats Gyoza recipe; mostly ground pork (This is what started it; a sale of “country style ribs” at Good ole Lucky’s!) and cabbage, but also green onion/scallions, garlic, shaoshing (sp?),white pepper. Maybe something else.


Those look good! I always start off with trying to make nice please and folds, and about 20 dumplings in, I’m doing triangles or what I call napkin folds (sticking 2 of the corners of a triangle together).

I love dumplings and wontons but rarely find myself wanting to spend a whole afternoon preparing and freezing them.


Thanks! I’m sort of the opposite; about 20 in, I’m thinking “I got this!”.

I never think “I want to spend the whole afternoon on these!”, but I make them over a few days. Usually starts with finding pork on sale, then grinding it, then shredding and squeezing the cabbage, then mixing it all, and testing some cooked.

The worst part right now is that I’m trying to do low carb, and these seem sort of innocuous, but they are not!

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A while back when I was in a dumpling-craving low-carb way, someone suggested a recipe from a Rachael Ray book - the horror! :rofl: But it was a tasty workaround (and I actually bought a few of her books based on that) - basically a simple version of the filling, made into patties that you could eat as is, or over a salad, in a lettuce wrap, etc. I called them potsticker patties, but I’ll find the real name.

Korean tofu & meat patties (wanja jeon I think) were another favorite in the same vein - no dough, similar flavors.

Here’s a paraphrase of the RR recipe from a blog (skip the hoisin of course) - or you can use your existing recipe and just make patties:

And maangchi’s wanja jeon - you can skip the carrots and flour (or use a low carb alternative):


Thank you!



Just kidding - you should do what you need to do to get your dumpling fix.

With Chinese New Year fast approaching, is anybody making dumplings at home? When I was young, our family would make them on New Year’s eve after dinner while waiting for the clock to strike 12, and then eat the finished products for lunch/breakfast. I don’t do this anymore, but will be making some from scratch. Thinking about experimenting with lamb filing and serving it with a cumin chili sauce, and also a fennel and pork version that I grew up eating.

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Ohhhhhh YUM!


Some interesting folding techniques and cool colored dough designs!


Pretty cool!


Seriouseats- Seriously Asian: All About Dumplings Recipe