Dipping Sauce for Dumplings

How do you make your Dipping Sauce for dumplings?

soy sauce
rice vinegar
thin slivers of fresh ginger
chili sauce
sesame oil

I am reading “How do you cook your frozen dumplings”.

I don’t know which dumplings you want to cook. If they are the frozen Japanese Gyoza, this is what I do: a spoonful of oil on a non-stick pan, with high heat fried it for 2 minutes, then add a 1/4 cup of water, continue to cook with a lid for 4 minutes, open the lid, cook until all water evaporates and the skin start to become crispy.

As for Gyoza, the sauce will be a bit of soy sauce with rice vinegar, chill oil is optional. I think chili sauce (do you mean the thick one?) should be in a second dipping dish as an optional choice. As for fresh ginger, very thinly slice with vinegar (can be a black wine vinegar, if you can find a good one) and soy sauce is more for Xiao Long Bao.

Hmmmmmm so you are making frozen dumplings but homemade sauce?

I guess the frozen stuff doesn’t usually come with the sauce.

Here’s a link to Andrea Nguyen’s blog. A bunch of sauces.


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Without other choices on hand at home, I once tried homemade curried butternut squash and apple soup as a warm dipping sauce for potstickers. It’s now my favorite. So you might want to consider other pureed soups, maybe spicing them up with sriracha.

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Soy Sauce
Rice wine vinegar or black vinegar or red vinegar (depends on the dumpling and my mood)
sesame oil
a splash of water to reduce the saltiness

If I’m doing pot-stickers or pan fried dumplings, I sometimes add in a dollop of crispy chillies in oil.

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Here’s what I often make (along with the soy sauce versions listed in the other posts):

small amount of sugar
rice vinegar
lime juice
minced ginger
red Thai chili peppers sliced
cilantro to top it off

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Over the years I’ve experimented with many variations of the goyoza dipping sauce theme. I finally settled on the combination “Breadcrumbs” posted on CH several years ago. Simple, to the point, and I liked it better than mine.: Sesame oil. ginger, garlic, sambal olek, honey, white vinegar, soy sauce, a bit of water.

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Depending on the type of dumplings other possible ingredients would be fish sauce, green onions, garlic and lemon grass. The type of rice vinegar is also important.

I would use ingredients from the country the dumpling is based on. Chinese soy for Chinese dumplings and Thai soy for Thai dumplings.


Forgot to write, I also add fish sauce into the dip I listed above using rice vinegar (unflavored, not for sushi) …

I add fish sauce to TONS of things, Asian not necessary. Knocks soup out of the park!

I use it to many dishes…(not necessarily Vietnamese or Thailand dishes), it adds a magic touch to a simple salad.

Ooh, talk to me about that salad please.

No particular salad, a leafy salad (young spinach or arugula) with fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, capers, mozzarella, roasted pine nuts, lots of fresh herbs, tiny chopped pieces of shallot with a drizzle of lemon based vinaigrette dressing and Vietnamese fish sauce, black pepper and olive oil.

Another salad I like is grated carrot with roasted sunflower seeds, chopped garlic, sesame oil, lemon juice, fish sauce and olive oil.

I use the higher percentage, the one I have now is 50ºN. More taste.

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