What's on your mind? (2024)

I’m mostly interested in equity and justice. I don’t watch sports or TSN, but that headline caught my eye. :rofl:

Yeah, I usually don’t see this type of headline in my wanderings.

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How often do birds fly into the windows of this house? :rofl:

I must contest the idea that eating competitions are a sport.
I’m not sure what they qualify as but sport isn’t it


A sort-of Tiny House. With death stairs. And a bedroom area right off the kitchen/dining? I guess if it works for you. :woman_shrugging:


Don’t forget the outside shower! It’s on 60 acres, so if indoor-outdoor living near a wetland is your thing (has a whole patio/fire pit area, which is great…except you know what the mosquito and black/green bottle/deer fly population is like here in New England once it gets warm enough (so, late April or May until the first frost in November)).

Honestly, I love the idea of it. But I hate bugs.

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Happy Juneteenth to all who celebrate :partying_face: :fist:t3: I’m sad to miss the celebration planned in my (2nd) hometown, which has grown steadily over the years. Lots of food, music, vendors & good vibes.


Yeah, it’s not just the humidity. It’s the heat as well. :hot_face:

The heat index is expected to climb into triple digits for the next two days in my area of New England just north of Boston. It’s not uncommon for that to happen in our area, but it IS uncommon for it to happen in mid-June!

And every year when we get this kind of heat and humidity, I give a heartfelt thank you to Willis Carrier, inventor of modern air conditioning (way back in 1902). He is a titan in the world of invention, IMO.


We all should celebrate!

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Be safe out there!

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I used to be able to do that! (Not draw; jump and turn “double dutch” rope)

My son and his wife’s menu in Turkey

I am having various red shrubs (the drink, not the landscaping).


Grateful for my health. Federal holiday so no work. Spent time weeding at the Greenhouse, going to lunch with a friend then taking her to radiation treatment, followed by making dinner for the fam. Very nice day although far hotter than I’d lije


Double dutch was a fixture in my grade school days in Philly. I was never very good at it. These days I’d probably fall just watching it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I rented a house in NH for 3 days in July, just set up a couple of days ago. The VRBO listing says nothing about HVAC, and I kind of just stupidly assumed it was air conditioned. Who rents out a house that doesn’t have AC?

When I checked earlier today on county records (I “stalk” everyone that I rent from), it states that it does not have AC. The temp for our July visit is supposed to be about 90°F highs. Ug, if it really doesn’t have AC.

I’ll survive, I guess. But nobody likes to watch a fat man sweat & swelter in the heat.

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Depending on WHERE in NH and WHEN in July, you might be fine. We’re going to be upwards of 98° today just north of Boston, and tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 80°. Total crapshoot on the weather around here. While I’m sure the phrase is used elsewhere as well, the standard for New England is “Don’t like the weather? Wait 15 minutes.” :grin:

Hopefully you’re near a lake to help cool off if it is hot!

Yikes! Would it be worth it to purchase a window unit you can gift to the landlord when you leave? Even if the heat is down, the humidity likely will not be.


I don’t have the mental space to start worrying about this and yet here we are.


We always take a portable fan or two; we need our sleep.

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Lots of vacation rentals are not air conditioned in Canada.

I cancelled my summer holiday last year due to the forest fires. 3 of the 4 rentals I had arranged for our 7 day road trip to Muskoka, Parry Sound , Killarney Provincial Park,
Manitoulin Island, and Owen Sound did not have AC. The smoke from wildfires was too heavy for people in my family who are immune compromised. Even the car ride from destination to destination would have been a challenge with the smoke. I had planned the vacation 3 months before. I’m hoping we can do a 3 day getaway later this summer.

It’s possible to buy a portable AC for a couple hundred bucks. Might be worth it! You could always use it for the week, then leave it at the rental or donate it to a charity at the end of your stay.

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