What's for Lunch 2017

I’m starting a new lunch thread, because the old one is really, really long. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find a general food category for this thread, so I’ve placed it under “Cooking, Cookbooks, Recipes,” but feel free to add dining out lunches also.

Today I had Baja California food: fish taco, ceviche tostada, and a Mexican consommé (in the styrofoam cup).


Thanks for starting the new lunch thread.

Your lunch looks fine to me. This kind of food is unknown in my food hell. Are the yellow peppers in the bottom photo sweet or mildly spicy?

One of my lunches. Salmon skin from last night’s dinner got turned into scratchings. Never throw out the skin anymore. Yellow stuff is grated salt-cured yolks.

Avocado with sesame oil and nori. There was also natto.

Ate all this with my own sourdough.

It’s more airy as I get closer to the centre. Didn’t even measure the water but it turned out OK considering. Needs more tweaking next time for sure.

Fish with coffee (and tea) this morning.

Another mould

Poppy seeds. We love poppy seeds.


Food looks great, every time that I travel to a place that serves good Mexican, or Baja food it takes me about 6 months before I can eat what they serve in Southern Indiana.


Tirolean Speck wrapped chicory. Pancakes have lots of corn in them.


The skins must be delicious. The marzipan are fun, is it difficult to get it out from the mould? I guess you need to hit hard!

You should help out @sck, he has trouble in making his bread!

Delicious, but I think I won’t never be able to eat this. My spicy hot food tolerance is not very high, stomach problem…

Lunch today is the super mackerel, simply cooked with stuffed herbs and lots of sliced onions. The side is a leftover shakshuka added with fried leeks and cream pasta, and a squeeze of lemon juice.


This is not spicy at all! The sauce on the tacos is a creamy sour cream sauce and the ceviche is dressed with lime and cilantro.

@Presunto The chilies are very mild, dipped in chili salt. They have a little bite to them, but not much.


The scratchings were so good. It had the taste of the sauce I made yesterday to go with the salmon.

The almond paste was just for fun. It was hard to release from the moulds as they are not made for almond paste. Gonna try to make real snow skin moon cakes soon. There’s a certain flour I need to get amongst other ingredients.

I know. I’m on that thread.

Thanks. All of it sounds nice. I know very little about this kind of food.

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Yesterday I had a pupusa with cheese and loroco (a type of herb).

These are Central American corn cakes stuffed with a choice of fillings, griddled, and served with pickled vegetables and salsa.

Central American food is not spicy, they don’t use the hot chiles that are
common in Mexican cuisine.


Lovely light lunch!

I’m not too familiar with Central American cooking, is this a plate from Salvadoran cuisine?

Leftovers from the other day now lunch. I loved it!

Roe was removed from the sacs.

Almost 2kg of fresh scallops. I chose them carefully to find ones with roe/coral intact, and to smell if they were not rotten. They are big scallops. Let them soak for a little while with some starc to purge sand. Here they are ready to be cleaned. I ate the oysters first, though.

Steamed with mung bean noodles.

There was one single shell just like these but I ate it straight away. Had to test :joy:


Yes, it is. :slight_smile:

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Sunday lunch was the remaining squid, it was so big that we needed to share it. I made a different sauce than the dinner with friends, this time was a yuzu juice with aneth, fish sauce, mushrooms and ginger.


Leftover beef rendang from Monday night. I’ll go pick a handful of snow peas to go with it.


Beautiful shiso leaf and mackerel tempura. Bento lunch including rice, miso soup, potato salad and pickled, $5.25!


Diced potatoes fried crispy in buffalo butter, then topped with two eggs. One yolk broke. Wah.

Tasty nonetheless.


Potatoes look good. I give the hardened yolk to the partner :smiling_imp:

Bookwich, very nice. I don’t usually order tempura but if it’s light and fluffy… yes!

Just hard boiled eggs with some quark, chives, seasoning. Topped with grated salt-cured yolks.

The whole thing.

Australian and Swiss natives.

I like my chocolate paste coarse.

Make a batch sometimes. We finish the entire pot straight away anyway.


(REPOST) A snapper for lunch, with fennel seeds, egg plants cooked with red onion and mint. Ozzy camembert followed.

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I hit the gym and swimming pool 5 days a week, me thinks this is enough protein for tomorrow.

How I ate it. Got a kilo of roe yesterday, half of it went in this.

More protein. The meat became dinner.

I love the sea and the hills (as long as it’s empty and not so hot).

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo