What's For Dinner #91 - the Irish Spring! Edition - March 2023

My kinda meal.

Looks fancy, takes very little effort. Woot!

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Last night my DH cooked: rotisserie chicken, cast-iron bacon-y Brussels, mac n cheese and green salad.

Lunch was that other classic: hot dog, slaw (honey mustard), and chips with strawberries.


Since the Oscars are on tonight that means I can watch the pre-show and have some snacks. Almost time for the actual show and dessert. In the meantime, actual dinner was a multi cultural affair. Appetizers included stuffed grape vine leaves from the Persian grocery store.

Next up was tzatziki from the Persian grocery store and naan from last Thursdays Indian take out.

And lastly I had some felafel with a tahini sauce from a Syrian catering company.


Gimme Some Oven’s Skinny Orange Chicken (but with only half the cornstarch, because the full amount makes it gloppy) for dinner tonight.

Served on Basmati rice with peas on top, as well as chopped cashews (because I can) and sesame seeds.

A really good French chardonnay as the wine.


Saag Paneer (Asma Khan recipe), Maharastrian Masale Bhat, and Burani Raita
I did a write up of the rice dish (Masale Bhat) on the Maharashtrian COTQ thread.


I finally made the cassoulet. It was a week long process. It didn’t need to be quite that long but I waited to serve it for a day when both grandpa and the big kid were around. Thank you for the duck confit tips on my other thread.


That looks fantastic!


Spaghetti Rigati n.304" by Barilla

I bought this by accident a few weeks ago. It is ‘+’ shaped and really holds the sauce better than the round variety.


DST and back to horrible dinner photos - I’m so sorry. And so happy for Jamie Lee Curtis!

Filet mignon on the grill. Twice cooked potatoes – first steamed in a microwave, then crisped up in duck fat on cast iron. Fresh spinach and onions, creamed in roux.

Spuds, shallots and spinach from the garden.


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner with friends at La Lupa in Manalapan, NJ, including short ribs with taleggio fonduta, polenta, and mushrooms; sweet potato cappelletti with black pepper honey; scallops, clams, and calamari in a clam broth; gnocchi; tuna crudo with Calabrian chilies; crispy and juicy fried chicken with hot honey; crispy potatoes cacio e pepe; crispy brownie with hazelnuts. It all went great with an excellent Amarone and Shiraz. Please excuse the quality of the photos. This restaurant is pitch black and it is hard to get good photos.


This is a meal for two? :open_mouth:

Days & days of gloomy, rainy weather here

made us want homemade chicken broth with veggies & matzo balls. Major comfort food for us…


Pizza. Red sauce, mozz, Italian sausage, onion, anchovies, mushrooms, green olives, a dusting of oregano, rpf and parm on Stonefire flat bread. Salad. Lettuces, green onion, yellow bell, garbanzos, oo & v dressing. Wine.


oh, isn’t that like chitarra? i actually just saw some in the store yesterday, but it was some other brand… i’ll pick some up next time.


last night at my sister’s, I made NYT’s linguine and clams with canned clams instead of fresh. incredibly good! I followed a friend’s tip of adding anchovy paste to the sauteing garlic - turned out delicious. Only mistake was to eat the first bowl as soon as it was ready - by the time we got to the second the pasta had absorbed more of the thickened garlicky anchovy broth with notes of oregano and lemon zest and was to die for. This is going on the repeat list for sure. Maybe not a sub for fresh, as we loved Samin Nosrat’s recipe, but it was every bit as delicious in its own right. Salad on the side.

Today for the BF and I, I made a super simple gyudon - beef rice bowl, ala the old Yoshinoya fast food place - with dashi made from one of those tea bag packets - finally bought some, and what a difference in flavor from the jarred stuff i’ve used before! I had some thin cut rib-eye (from 99 Ranch - the stuff sold for hot pot), so I used that, and lots of onion, sake, mirin, soy, sugar, and egg drizzled in at the end. Pure comfort food, super fast and easy. served over sticky sweet rice because that’s what I had, though i probably should have used regular short grain rice. Still, very good. Topped with pickled ginger.

and I just finished making a Chinese pork and daikon braise with star anise and pixian bean paste that smells HEAVENLY and will be dinner tomorrow night. really looking forward to it.


No :slightly_smiling_face: It was actually for 4. We dined with our friends.


Tagine flatbread with eggplant and minted spinach from Tal Ronnen’ s Crossroads cookbook - really good and the tagine sauce was particular good.
Tagine sauce was made from shallots, dried apricots, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, paprika, turmeric, harissa spice mix, cumin, tomatoes and vegetable stock and cooked down for the right consistency. Topped with oven-roasted eggplant. Once the flatbread was finished in the oven it was topped with baby spinach tossed in a mint vinaigrette.


Ok, that makes a lot more sense. More dishes to share, too :drooling_face:


A labor of love! :heart_eyes:

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