What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

Yellow fin tuna with a light coating of wasabi mayonnaise. Panko coating. Then sauteed. Rice with green onion and dill.Soy sauce added

. Broccoli. Wasabi mayonnaise for dipping . Cheers. Oh ,. I forgot the chopped dill and green onion for the fish . lol.


Maharashtrian dinner, from the COTQ thread. One dish was laborious. Rest were easy. All delicious.

Leftovers tomorrow yay!


I agree. After discovering the lower salt chips, regular chips taste dreadfully salty!


We like gin. A recently departed friend came to visit us a few years ago. He brought me flowers, and brought a bottle of Hendricks and some Indian Tonic Water. We were college classmates in the 70’s and drank Seagram’s gin in the way back machine. We really liked the Hendricks - he garnished our G&T’s with a slice of cucumber. It was refreshing. I’m sad that I’ll never see that dear man again or hear his laugh.


Tonight’s dinner was Peanut Butter Lime Chicken Breasts over saffron rice topped with chopped broccoli. I think this was a Jaime Oliver recipe that I modified, but I’m not sure. Any who… it was delicious!! Sunshine really likes this dish, I need to make it more often.


I’m very sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. As someone who has lost a couple of friends and family members over the last few years, I can relate to remembering them through food and drink.

I’m not a cucumber fan at all. I eat almost anything but loathe cucumbers. But I hear Hendrick’s Gin does pair well with cukes as opposed to the ubiquitous lime. I always go with a lime personally but was bored and wanted more vibrancy so I chose an orange tonight. It surprisingly complemented the Beefeater well. The only gin I’ve ever had that specifically called for orange is Bluecoat (due to the botanicals they use), but I may have to try it with London Dry’s more often.

Perhaps you should have a G & T in his honor?


Roasted Salmon, lecsó, parsnip/sweet potato/gruyere gratin, molasses ginger beans, carrot cake


I made slits all over a small pork shoulder roast and stuffed them with slivers of garlic, gave the roast a rub of fennel pollen, smoked bourbon paprika, candy cap mushroom sugar, and various other things, then left it for the BF to slow roast this afternoon. He stuck it under the broiler for a bit when it was done. Super tender. I also asked him to make mac-and-cheese - his first! Very good. A little tomato/onion salad on the side.

(I had ulterior motives for that pork: planning on an italian pork/broccoli rabe sandwich sometime in the very near future… :stuck_out_tongue: :pig: )


Thank you. He was a great friend. I know you are a mixologist. We tend now to order gin martinis with lemon twists instead of olives. And we also love bourbon - had a Manhattan at an Italian restaurant in southern CT with my husband’s sister and her husband. It was the most delicious cocktail I’ve ever had. Garnished with an orange slice but also had orange and bitters in it. I ordered a second one!


Thank you! I thought that the delicata squash season was over, but I was fortunate to find some at Trader Joe’s last week so I bought 5. When I went to TJ’s yesterday they no longer had them. That sounds like a delicious dinner. I love lamb chops.


Spice rubbed pork tenderloin with roasted carrots, fennel, onions, Fresno chile and garlic. Pan drippings augmented with vermouth and butter. Superfood salad from Freddy’s deli. No, I didn’t buy it, it was given to me. Kale and cherry tomatoes with a dozen other things and a pomegranate blueberry vinaigrette. Old Fashioned and wine. Lovely weather went poof.


Indian feast at our friends’ house. Many wonderful dishes - dal, biryani, samosas, garlicky broc, cauli with pomegranate, and two birthday cakes for the guest of honor… who actually made one of them, a fabulous Basque cheesecake. Nice to see folks we hadn’t in a long time. A surprise “guest” happened to be a 2-months old kitten our hostess had found when it was just a couple of weeks old. I spent the better part of the evening in the back room playing with him <3


Good food, drink, memories. Remember the best and forget the rest.


Home again, first meal cooked is comfort food.

Chinese “clay pot” rice with chicken and black mushrooms, cooked in my baby PC without the weight.

Chicken thighs, rehydrated black mushrooms, onions, and scallions, cut up and marinated for a while. Soaked rice at the bottom, broth, topped with the marinated mixture. Steamed at lowest heat for about half an hour.


I’ve done it in my Grill Dome. Also duck, and lamb ribsl

After not cooking in what seems like forever because of the loss of the freezer in the garage (and its contents AND most of the downstairs’ fridge-freezer’s contents) I did a quick shop at MB for some ground beef and a whole chicken. I’ll be able to feed the fridge-freezer with a couple of containers of meat sauce I made this afternoon to replace what I lost, and give me plenty of leftovers for work lunches and dinners early next week until I buy a replacement chest freezer.

Tonight: baked penne with meat sauce topped with grated mozzarella, a quick garlic sourdough bread, and a quick salad of romaine, cukes, radishes, red bell pepper, minced red onion, goat cheese, and Target’s honey-mustard dressing.

There was wine.


I am so sorry for your loss!!! That’s one of my worst nightmares!


Carnitas tacos with Aldi’s carnitas. Not bad at all. My PIC’s delish margaritas and some homemade guac for starters.


What a bummer. We stash so much in our chest freezer and bottom freezer drawer. Time and money. So sorry.


Spicy, pan-roasted chicken thighs, served with a sweet-and-sour glaze made from stock, cider-vinegar, honey and butter. Mashed potatoes. Green beans.

For dessert there will be vanilla pound cake with strawberries.

Spuds, beans and berries from our garden surplus.