What's For Dinner #89 - the Dawn of a New Year Edition - January 2023

'Twas lovely today, sunshine, almost hit 70 degrees. I needed to fire up the grill to char peppers so I decided to do skewers. Chicken thighs marinated in oo, adobo sauce and a smidge of honey. Onions, baby bells and baby bellas. Cilantro rice. Salad was baby red butter and little gem lettuces, blood orange, fennel, red onion with a dressing of oo, rice vinegar, orange zest and another smidge of honey. There was a Snapper and wine.


I love the way you always have a salad with your dinner. Those skewers and that rice look delicious!


Buncha stuff that’s been cooling its heels in the crisper, plus various ground fish shapes from the Chinatown Supermarket.



Last night I made ground pork tacos al pastor with slaw. Hit the spot.


that chop looks succulent! i always think smoke chops will be dried out and never buy them…


Today’s take out lunch was a horrible disappointment. I ordered a bento box from a favourite Japanese restaurant near my office and they seem to have a new chef on staff. The teriyaki sauce served over the teriyaki chicken tasted odd and the tempura and the gyoza could have been fried a little longer. The rice was good… So to negate the bad lunch I made a salad dressed with the dressing used in Maangchi’s Korean lettuce salad and pan fried chicken wings. Paired with a martini it really hit the spot.


The wings are my favorite part of any bird.


I hear you. Other things from this butcher shop have been good so I risked a small smoked pork chop and it was great. As were the smoked baby back ribs. OTOH, first try of a smoked half chicken did nothing encourage a repeat.


I have yet to find or make a really good one.

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Rib roast. MR for him, end piece for me please. Baked red potatoes with butter and cheese. Horseradish sour cream and Rhodes yeast rolls.


Nice meal! Celebrating?


Last night BF made veggie samosa pockets using puff pastry. They’re incredible and taste better than the real thing. He really made use of our spice stash tonight-- the whole cumin seeds and methi leaves made all the difference.

Entrée was shrimp curry over rice. The curry sauce really thinned out as the shrimp cooked. Other than that, it was great.


Mesquite-grilled Peruvian chicken. A Tex-Mex inspired Caesar of romaine and avocado – the traditional dressing spiked with lime juice and chili powder.

For dessert, there is homemade Meyer lemon sorbet.

I see a lot of tacos in our future this week (a good thing).


BINGO! Three Dungies at $6.98/lb on Wednesday made three nights of dinners…#1 cracked crab, #2 hot crab sandwiches and tonight…crab quiche. All with a green salad and garlic bread. No crabmeat left over to freeze, darn. I’m happy now.


Dinner tonight at Dali with a couple of friends.

Always so good.
Always so fun.
Alwsys so needed.

Sangria led; tapas and postres followed.

Gambas al Ajillo…Garlic Shrimp. The chili peppers added a good bit of heat this time. Took a video; too big to upload.

Solomillo en Tostada…Beef Tenderloin on Toast. A chimichurri sauce on top or in between the beef and bread, depending on which one you chose. Well seasoned, and the chimichurro added a lot to the dish.

Not pictured: Bocaditos de Pera…bacon, Manchego cheese, roasted pear bites with garlic-onion relish. My least favorite…the pears were underripe, and the Manchego cheese was in a small baton. Would have been better lightly shredded over top. But the bacon and onion jam were good! :grin:

Ham and Cheese Croquetas: we didn’t order these, thinking they were the Chicken Croquettes we had ordered. Discovered after we had cut into them. But they were stellar.

Chicken Croquetas with tomato and cheese sauces.: bland, it wasn’t a tomato sauce, and an overly-blue blue cheese sauce was too much, IMO, although one of the three of us liked it.

Beef Empanadas with a garlic aioli sauce. Very good, but we were getting full!

But always room for dessert: Churros with a warm chocolate sauce and a dulce de leche sauce.

And Cuarenta y Tres, of course!


Mrs. P made delicata squash and Andouille sausage pizza with fried sage, roasted garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmigiano reggiano cheese, topped with Mike’s extra hot honey. She used the Stonefire thin pizza crust. It went great with an excellent cabernet.


One of my favorite salads: shaved celery, lemon, anchovy, parm. I added some seared squid, which I’m not sure was a good idea, but it wasn’t bad.



I found a delicata squash in a small market this week. They are not common here, and I love them. I will cut them as Mrs. Paryzer did and roast them with olive oil. salt & pepper - then a drizzle of hot honey. DH is in charge of the lamb chops. He does a nice herbed crust and grills them in a carbon steel pan on our gas cooktop. We will have fresh asparagus in a way yet to be determined. That pizza is to die for!! Kudos to Mrs. Paryzer!!


Grilled chicken, Provolone, bacon, lettuce, tomato, a little red onion, light mayo, and a dab of Dijon. So much going on that I couldn’t even taste the bacon! The tomato was shockingly ripe and delicious for this time of year. Lay’s Lightly Salted on the side-- I find myself enjoying lower salt potato chips lately.

Beefeater rocks with a splash of tonic and an orange slice. Okay, two. Refreshing.