What's for Dinner #85: The Falling Leaves Edition - September 2022

My husband had the worst case of food poisoning ever (sick over a week) after eating Currywurst from a U-bahn station stand iin Berlin. Lucky for me, I passed.

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Ouch. That would keep me from ever having it again. OTOH, food poisoning can getcha anywhere.

I met up with friends at an upscale bar in D.C. where I had deviled eggs with my aperitif. I got violently ill within a half hour & we had to cancel our rez for China Chilcano that evening.

I don’t seek out currywurst or döner. They sometimes ‘happen’ late at night :wink:

Nothing like a currywurst extra-scharf mit Pommes rot-weiß at 2am at Curry 36 after a beer-soaked pool tournament :yum:

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Well, at least he’s learning it’s all relative :sweat_smile:


Soup and open cheesetoast for dinner.

Soup was the last bit of roasted butternut squash from last week, a small carrot, aromatics, and the bone from my pork chop earlier in the week, all cooked for a while in the pressure cooker. Pureed, cooked a bit more, and topped with toasted sunflower seeds and fried onions.

Cheesetoast was the last of my homemade bread from two weeks ago topped with the Red Leicester cheddar I bought and didn’t like (yet couldn’t bring myself to waste). Almost gone.

There was round 2 of both.


That’s awful. Ugh.

My worst food poisoning came after a chocolate milkshake at a McDonald’s in Cologne, when I was 12. I couldn’t keep much down for 2 days. An elderly cousin made German-style chicken noodle soup for me. I love German and Austrian chicken soups, to this day, and only visit McDs in Europe to use their restrooms. I lost my interest in milkshakes after that.

Despite many visits to Germany, I’ve never had doner or currywurst in Germany. My first currywurst was at Stein’s Berlin in London, UK

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Dinner last night was a couple of small lamb chops, garden beans and COTC, went nicely with a Martin Ray Cab. Garden tomatoes on H’s salad, makes a prettier pic than mine without!


Stir-fried beef with peas and eggs, from Omnivore’s Cookbook.


It’s been a rough 24 hours. Got the news late last night that a friend passed away suddenly. Way too young. Way too shocking. Spent the day in sadness, anger, and disbelief that it was actually real. If anything, we all really need to take a step back and appreciate what we have as we are truly fortunate to be alive every day.

BF cooked tonight. Chicken Katsu with curry sauce. Comfort food. Fall is a great time for curry. Hell, any day is a great time for curry. We may have steamed some more of that BBQ chicken bao as well.

Dark and Stormy to drink.


So sorry for your loss Greg, must be so hard since it was sudden and unexpected. Keep your loved ones close. Hope that the memories bring you comfort.


I am so sorry to hear this. May your friend’s memory be a blessing.


Very sorry for the loss of your friend. How sad.

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I’m so very sorry for your loss, @gcaggiano. It’s so tough when our loved ones leave us unexpectedly.

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Very sorry to hear this sad news Greg.

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Ah, kindred spirits. Also food poisoning (e-coli), also 12, also McD’s - but it was a filet o’fish. Sad bc that was my favorite. Sick for a week. Maybe eating toast and banana by day 3 or 4. Since that time, never had McDs anything except an occasional drink or fry, and mostly use them for road trip pit stops.

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Very sorry for your loss.

Last night’s dinner was a Kamayan feast at a new Filipino restaurant. Dinner is spread out on banana leaves and diners dig in with their hands. We had garlic rice, shrimp (which I wish they would have peeled before serving), Korean short ribs, plantains, chicken and vegetarian spring rolls. Gratuitous shot of the bottle of wine I brought to enjoy with dinner :wink: I look forward to going back.


Last night was a creamy chicken stew with potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans. Not the prettiest but it was exactly what we needed on a chilly Autumn evening.


There is something about banana leaf feasts that I just love. Of course dig in with hands, for the heightened enjoyment, plus utensils will often tear through the leaf.
Sounds like you had a great evening!


It’s funny you mention the perils of using cutlery because that’s exactly the problem I had. The chicken legs had an awful lot of meat on them so I decided to cut off the extraneous meat with a knife and fork then eat the meat around the bones with my hands. But I kept tearing the banana leaves each time I cut so by the time I finished the table looked like a toddler’s high chair :wink: Next time I will skip the cutlery altogether and just use my hands from start to finish.