What's for Dinner #84 - the National Food-A-Day Month Edition - August 2022

One of my favorite August dinners… lettuce from my pots (bitter, just bolted), my basil, local heirloom tomato, store bought burrata, lots of S&P, white vinegar & OO.


SE’s gai yang with spicy dipping sauce. New to me recipe. The flavors on the chicken could’ve been a bit punchier (my marinade didn’t come out as a thick paste - more like a chonky dressing), but the dipping sauce is great. Can’t wait to dip more grilled meatz in the next days.

Garlic noodz and COTC rounded out the meal, but I blanked on taking a pic of my plate.


@AudreyFromNE Lovely salad - we are big salad eaters. And is that a Bee House salt cellar in the background? :star_struck:

Pasilla pepper, green chili, prawn and cream pappardelle.
Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 6.22.38 PM


Dinner was Pakistani food from Little India (even though I cooked plenty today).

Long and stressful day at the hospital with a friend who had brain surgery (which went swimmingly, thank heavens - but it’s step 1 of 4). I cooked a few things for him to cover various meal restriction and altered appetite scenarios and took them along. He wasn’t allowed to eat until dinner, and the hospital meal was better than we had anticipated, so what I cooked went home with the guys (his “caregivers”) and will be lunch tomorrow when he gets home.

We walked over to Little India post-hospital where we bought a bit of this and a bit of that from a couple of places for compare-and-contrast. Also de-stressed and vented about the interactions of the day, and the recent past. (Lots of drama between his separated spouse and his family who had to come in from overseas due to her recent drama.)

We had chicken seekh kabab, chapli kabab, tandoori roti, and chicken biryani. Hit the spot. (Not the best of any single thing, but far better than most other available alternatives.)




A New York Times recipe: pork and ginger meatballs with peaches, basil and lime. Roasted green beans. Steamed rice.

I slipped a little grated zucchini into the meatballs because why not?

Shallots, beans, basil and zuccs from the garden.


Meat loaf sandwiches…I’m so glad the parents taught us how to appreciate them.


dinner Sat. night was out with my sister for my birfday. I’m planning to write it up in the SF/Bay Area section of HO. It was a wonderful meal, good cocktails and bubbles, sat outside in a lovely space, and afterwards i came home and had cocktails in AND out (it had been a year since we’d gone to a bar!) with the BF (but still outside). Picked up a late night snack - chorizo gordita from a street vendor. Had some more bubbly back at home - hey, it was my bday! Sun., he and i had our normal fries brunch but out this time (again, it had been a year!), and sat outside on a beautiful day, took a short walk, and then i napped until dinner time (i guess i was a little hung and aperol spritz and wine at brunch didn’t help like i thought it would :stuck_out_tongue:. Dinner was the BF’s smashburgers and MOAR fries that i couldn’t even finish - i guess i do have a fries limit after all. smashburgers were inhaled, however. Crashed at 9:30.

more festivities to come for both of us (his birthday is coming up) - dinner out Thurs., then i’m away for the weekend with friends for our yearly Stinson Beach trip, then dinner out for both of us next week for his bday. i can feel the “yoga” pants getting tighter again…

tonight he lightened things up a bit with a fridge clean-out and a Mostly Meatless Monday - he’d made meatballs for some future dinners for himself when I’m out but shared one apiece for us tonight in BTB beef broth, with all the other veggies and toasted focaccia.

ETA: here’s the link to the review of the bday dinner out if anyone’s interested.


I am so glad your friend has many people around to support him through this difficult phase. Step 1 of four sounds grueling, but hope it all goes smoothly and successfully. My scalp crawled in sympathy especially at the thought of having to leave the hospital the day after brain surgery!
The food sounds emotionally and physically sustaining, for the patient and the support group. All the best to all concerned.


Happy belated birthday, live it up while you still can.


Happy happy!


Brussel sprouts and sweet potato salad - both are seared a bit to get a nice char and than briefly braised with some dried basil in a some fresh orange juice. After cooling it a little bit you add some red onions, baby arugula, some orange supremes, feta and pumpkin seeds. Finished with a vinaigrette made from orange juice, oil, mustard and honey.


Happy Birthday! I love all the celebrations - more celebrating is better!!!

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This sounds good!

I hate that the NYT requires a subscription - I’ve got a log-in; just not a subscription. :expressionless: I can usually get to see ONE article a week on my work computer (I clear my cache every Friday) so unless I close out of all my windows and clear it again, I’ll have to wait until next week.


1 lb. coarsely ground pork
1 1/2 T. grated ginger
1 T. garlic, minced
1 1/4 t. ground cumin
1 1/4 t. kosher salt
1/3 c. bread crumbs
2 T. finely chopped fresh basil
2-3 c. diced ripe peaches
1/4 c. thinly sliced shallots
2 T. dry white wine
Juice of 1 lime (to taste)

Make the meatballs from the first 7 ingredients. In a large skillet, brown them in the olive oil. Deglaze with the wine. Push meatballs to the side, add peaches, cover, reduce heat and simmer until meatballs are cooked through the peaches start to break down - 5-10 minutes. Uncover (and reduce over high heat briefly to taste). Sprinkle with shallots and lime juice; cook, uncovered another minute or two until the shallots wilt. Serve. Enjoy!

ETA: I’m OK with supporting NYT financially for the work of it’s Cooking section, it’s content creators and test kitchens. It’s my most frequent “go to” cookbook, and has expanded our culinary adventures by a large, large measure. I understand and agree it is another household cost that adds up, but for our domicile, it’s been worth it. Maybe because we eat out rarely, it’s easier to justify the cost.

ETA some more: Apologies if I sound like I’m on a soap box for NYT. It’s just when I give out their recipes, I feel the need to put in a plug. :slight_smile:


Thank you SO much, @MunchkinRedux! The ingredients alone are helpful.

I agree with putting in a plug for the recipe’s origin. I used to be able to get into the Cooking section and see multiple recipes there; not sure when they changed it (even after logging in). I’m wondering if I “save” the recipe (once I have access to it) if I’ll be able to get in again. No, just tried that - I have the creamy corn pasta with basil recipe saved, but when I click on it, it goes back to the Subscribe page. I don’t often go to the NYT recipes, but on occasion, I do enjoy them. I just try and save them to my phone and/or print them out. So I appreciate the paraphrase.

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thank you - trying my best!


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thanks much!

Green beans with confit cherry tomatoes and feta, oil and salt roasted new potatoes with TPSTOB. Not sure if it was the potato variety or the cooking method but the insides of the potatoes were almost custardy. Summer’s bounty at its best.