What's for Dinner #84 - the National Food-A-Day Month Edition - August 2022

Pizza delivery for dinner. Was going to make something that required potatoes only to discover that my potatoes had become a haven for worms (maggots?). So, after I thoroughly degunged the area they were being stored, I had lost all interest in food prep. Pizza was good though.


Those are such tender-looking innocent potatoes…


Oh, no!!

I’ve only ever once had potatoes go bad on me. I was in my kitchen and heard this weird, very low volume buzzing sound. I could not figure out what it was. Finally, I discovered it was coming from the potato basket on the counter. Two of them were humming & also smelled pretty bad.

Sorry for sharing :grimacing::nauseated_face:


No, no. Sharing is caring :slight_smile:

Honestly, we’ve been trying to figure out where the flies in our condo have been coming from for about a week and a half. Now we know! Our cat, the mighty hunter, will be heartbroken that he no longer will have daily challengers for a while.


This looks so good!

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Marinated a pork tenderloin in garlic and herbs. Grilled and served with grilled veggies - butternut wedges, zucchini sticks, red onion, and shishito. Also some hummus, tomato salad, and fab bread from the local Balkan market


Dinner tonight was chicken, zucchini and cherry tomatoes served over fettucine.


Pork and veggie stir-fry over rice, decorated with the dregs of my second-to-last bottle of sriracha.

Cabbage, carrots and scallions from the garden.


NY strip (halved), CSA summer squash sauteed in the drippings, mixed greens with apricot vinaigrette, and buttery foraged chanterelle and coral mushrooms. Yum.


Sauteed shrimp and okra. Radish, celery and carrot slaw.


I feel like I haven’t posted here in forever. The last few days were repeats of favorites (and one overcooked flank steak) that I didn’t feel like photographing. Tonight, on the other hand, was easy.

I had the day off after working six straight and there was a general craving for pizza. So I drove to our favorite spot a half hour away and picked up a pie. Delicious.

And what’s better than pizza? Using paper plates and not doing dishes!

And what’s better than not doing dishes? A Martini, of course!

Happy Tuesday.


SF-style Vietnamese garlic noodles, 5-spice chicken, Vietnamese cabbage salad

Probably my best garlic noodles yet.


Love garlic noodz — so simple & satisfying :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there a particular recipe that you follow or has it evolved over time? Apologies if you posted about this before. Thanks!

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It’s evolved over the years but it’s:


  • 1 part fish sauce
  • 1 part oyster sauce
  • 1 part sugar
  • 1/3 part Maggi


  • fresh microplaned and granulated


  • butter (edited to add, obviously unsalted with all the other salty stuff going on)


  • real Parmigiano Reggiano microplaned when you toss the noodles, then topped with the fake stuff (I never buy that stuff so just always get some little packs from the slice pizza place across the street since it’s just for garnish really)


  • fresh egg/chow mein noodles

In terms of amounts, I’d say last night for 1/2lb of noodles or so, it was something like

  • 1T of the fish sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar, 1t of Maggi , mixed together
  • 8 -10 garlic cloves, microplaned, the granulated I add to the noodles in the pan to taste
  • 6 or so tablespoons butter, adding more to taste if the noodles are dry in the pan, etc
  • maybe a cup or so of microplaned Parmigiano Reggiano, again since you’re adding it in the pan at the end, to taste

Melt butter on low heat, add fresh garlic. You’re really not trying to brown the garlic at all, just get the butter infused.

Cook noodles til slightly underdone (which will be fast).

Drain noodles and add to pan with butter and garlic. Add sauce mix.

Toss and cook until noodles are just almost done, add in Parmigiano Reggiano, and granulated garlic, taste and add more if needed along with more butter if noodles are too dry.

Plate and top with fake parmesan things from the pizza place lol. And small amount of finely chopped cilantro if you want some green.

I’m obviously not a recipe writer but that’s the process and I mostly cook to taste so if anything add less at first and adjust in the pan at the end. Even though it’s not really a saucy pasta dish, the sauce is key — the oyster and Maggi really make it.


Thanks so much - it sounds wonderful! :grinning:


This looks so tasty!

Oof, I had a potato problem too. Never happened before. Our extended heatwave is my hypothesis.

That was the theory we went with last night as well!

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Dinner was heirloom tomato sandwiches with sorta pimiento cheese. I had all the ingredients except pimientos so the cheese spread turned out tasty but pale.

Plus I found Duke’s mayo on the shelf at a small local store, Summer Street Grocers, which means I can easily mix up more cheese spread to correct the error of my pimiento-less way. (The 32 oz. jar of Duke’s wasn’t cheap at more than $7 but the same amount of Hellman’s was $5 at my supermarket yesterday. Obviously the Duke’s is pricier here but it’ll last us awhile.)