What's For Dinner #79 - the Carly Simon "An-ti-ci-pay-yay-shun" Edition - March 2022

I was given a sample of squid ink pasta made by one of my favorite restaurants, Semolina in Red Bank, NJ. In order to not overpower the pasta itself I made a simple sauce of shrimp, fennel, Meyer lemon, dry vermouth and butter. It came out very well. My only regret was that it was a cold and damp night as this would have been more lovely if eaten it on the deck. Alas, that will likely have to wait until at least May.

Tagging @gracieggg as I know Semolina is one of her faves as well.


@articshark, that’s Spectacular!
I don’t think that will be on my bucket list to make (not by myself anyway too labour intesnsive)

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Omg yum!!! That looks amazing!!!


Thanks I am going to try that. I took the photo using my tablet. When I pick it up I sometime touch the lens so I probably dirty it in the process.

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A tablet is a little heavier so it might be that too or a combination of wiping the lens as well.
Nice to see you here @ottawaoperadiva
Welcome to HO !

Thank you! And nice to see you here too!

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TY! We had an EPIC party to go with the pig.Live band, special outdoor tents, catered appetizers, all of that. It was AWESOME!


We are in Kuwait until August. And Thursday is their Friday here. But this pig took a day of prep and two days of cooking. About 12 hours and we had to start the fire the night before. So, we had 3 nights of prep as well. And there ”might’ve” been some booze involved. :wink:


It IS labor intensive. And I am not skilled enough to build the box and all that went into it. My husband is the star of this dish. Because without him, we would not have had the pig.


OK, that is a sure sign of a GREAT whole pig party! Looks amazing!


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A very recognizable dinner last night — Swedish meatballs with mushroom gravy, truffled mashed potatoes, and lightly-dressed tomatoes.


@articshark what a show-stopper of a WFD!!! I absolutely love the variety of sauces you made! A friend does a pig roast every October and I will try to remember to bring a few of the sauces you made when I go to it this year. His wife makes a heavenly chimichurri but having some choices would be nice.


Wow. That’s just epic.


I only cook pizza at home a few times a year since don’t really have the correct setup. But the best is a pan pizza, then once I have the oven cranking I’ll usually do a fake neo-neopalitan style, which for me means heating up a comal on the cooktop and finishing in a preheated, hot oven under the broiler.

Pan (pepperoni, pickled jalapeño, olives):

Fake neo-neopalitan:


Love the video of the pizza in the oven with bubbling cheese starting to brown.
That is one of my absolute favourite things.


I can’t even begin to describe how awesome AND exhausting it was. I feel like I had a baby! :smiley:


I choose two themes- Asian and South of the Border- for the sauces. I could’ve gone a Hawaiian route as well. But I thought I did enough!

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Thank you!

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You surely did! Such lucky guests!!