What's For Dinner #79 - the Carly Simon "An-ti-ci-pay-yay-shun" Edition - March 2022

IF I said I was the lucky one, I would sound totally like a suck a cheeseball. But it’s true.

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Soooooo impressed!!!


A quick and easy dinner before Providence College’s game tonight (Go Friars; I am a native Rhode Islander and a huge basketball fan…I played point/shooting guard in high school).

Fridge dive found broccoli and lemons. And we always have garlic, onions, beans, capers, and pasta in the house. NYT’s white bean piccata pasta with broccoli was a no-brainer. I used whole wheat casarecce from a one-woman local bulk food operation. B added grated Parmesan. I gotta get ready for my game.


Your idea of “Dinner being a rushed affair” and mine are different. You have many sides that sound like they’ve been perfectly seasoned. You’re my hero.

I would make the homemade tartar sauce the day before rice and wild battered Pollack took about the same time to cook. Side was either frozen corn and peas added to the rice or cooked carrots and peas with a roux (prepared the day before and just warmed up).

Tonight’s side was a empty the fridge salad ( and no little league tonight).
This was our favourite meal after little league:



What a week. Leek and goat cheese omelette, made with duck eggs and cooked in duck fat. Sourdough toast with TPSTOB. Simples.


I’ll say it again - Amazing! were there any leftovers you need to get rid of? :laughing: :heart_eyes:


that’s the way to butter toast, brava!


That looks really good!

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Thank you. I had a half batch of the tofu saved from the same dish a few weeks ago, so that much was ready. I delegated the cucumber salad and managed the rest. Tonight we ate out!


Good for you because you most certainly earned it!

This post has made me realize what my bucket list consists of: pig in a caja china. Thank you for this write up!


We enjoyed steamed Dungeness crabs (from Costco) with drawn butter and truffle zest, along with homemade guacamole and chips, and TJ’s sweet potato fries (not pictured). It went great with an excellent Oakville Napa cabernet. For dessert we enjoyed a decadent Caroline’s caramel cake, with Haagen Dazs bourbon praline, and bourbon vanilla truffle ice cream.


Oh my, bourbon and praline, that’s definitely on my grocery list.


Crispy sour cream and chive chicken. parsley potatoes and tomato, cucumber salad with o&v dressing.


Beef and asparagus fried rice using leftover Basmati from last night. Also egg, scallion, garlic, and ginger. Beef marinated in a Korean spicy BBQ sauce.


That’s one of my top favourite salads. Fond memories of family meals together from my childhood. Thanks for sharing a walk down memory lane.

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Is your spicy BBQ sauce homemade or purchased at the Korean grocery?
I’m just learning Korean so very interesting for me.

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James Beard’s Pleasant Pasta. This year’s first pick of fresh asparagus from the garden, with baby garden peas (from frozen).


@ BeefeaterRocks

Is this the NYT chicken recipe?

I made cod-and-potato cakes from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe.

This was a radical departure from our usual Fishy Friday routine: the fresh cod I get from the fishmonger is usually steamed in the microwave with butter and lots of Old Bay. I love it, but I’m a bit tired of it after two years of Fridays. So I decided to mix it up.

After steaming russet potatoes in the microwave, then cooling, skinning and ricing them, I parcooked the fish in sauteed green onions, garlic, herbs and butter, and then carefully mixed and binded it all together with egg, and then formed fragile patties which had to be frozen briefly before coating in panko (that itself had to be smashed with a rolling pin) , AND THEN FINALLY FRYING THE SUCKERS… they were sort of meh. I made a quick Old Bay mayo sauce and that helped.