What's for Dinner #71 - the Vacation Time! Edition - July 2021

I’ve been thinking about crepes lately, and you may have tipped me over with a vision of crespelle :yum:

Everything looks and sounds delicious!

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Thanks @Saregama - they are so worth it! Thinking about seafood crepes next, and would like to make a Coquilles St Jacques version - old school, but so delicious!

Ooh that sounds good! I used to make a batch of crepes and freeze them, but haven’t done that in a while.

Do you make buckwheat crepes for savory use? I haven’t done that yet.

No, haven’t used buckwheat for crepes, ever, but I used to make buckwheat pancakes sometimes. Used an epicurious recipe, and the batter didn’t turn out as well as the standby, which is JOC. Made in a blender and very dependable, always. Wouldn’t rec the batter recipe, but the filling was pretty good - spinach and cheese, but would tweak it next time. Used homemade Greek style home canned tomato sauce on top.

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I made an impulse purchase of frozen tuna the other day - missing my fresh-off-the-boat fish in CA!

Followed a recipe for sushi rice for the first time, and it turned out perfectly - note to self to (sometimes) follow recipes :joy:

So, sushi rice, seared sesame-crusted tuna, avocado, furikake, scallions, and soy-wasabi-ginger sauce.

Tuna was actually pretty good for being frozen.


Oh my, that does look good, and am sure that sesame crust is ideal.

You know, I do the sesame crust out of habit.

It does taste good, but I’m sure I’d get the same flavor by sprinkling over toasted sesame seeds?

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OMG. If you don’t get the connection drop me a note and I’ll linky. It’s just too funny.

Dinner at home after a week of gluttony in LA. Soondubu jjigae from BCD kit. Added kimchi and scallions, and cracked an egg in there.


It looks like a pretty good kit. Your rice came out beautifully.


Alt Empordà: Figueres - Cadaquès, Girona …


That whole meal looks so good.

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Would you mind sharing your basic crepes recipe? TIA

Pork chop, roasted baby carrots, sugar snap peas. All from local farms very nearby. I love this time of year in Maine! When I have ingredients this wonderful all I want to do is not wreck them and I was 3 for 3 tonight: pork well-seared but still a bit pink and very juicy, carrots still with a bit of bite (and so very carrot-y!), sugar snaps still crunchy but not raw.

A couple of other recent non-errors with beautiful local ingredients: local bluefin tuna belly; garlic lemon chicken tenders with buttermilk coleslaw.


BF made chicken and broccoli with garlic sauce from a YouTube recipe. I really enjoyed it but he did not.


Trip to the liquor store and then a long day in town. Needed to tackle the kitchen faucet leak when I got home, so I picked up grocery store sushi and added Ling Ling pot stickers from the freezer. I think half of Northern California and Central Oregon were on the coast today.


Ricotta and favas with salsa verde.
From a show I’m really enjoying. The show is Grow, Cook, Eat .

This is the very tiny portion I got husband to try.

He did not think my homemade ricotta added much. In fact he felt it took away flavor. Perhaps because I had not yet added the lemon juice, but more likely there is never enough salt.

Also, I used shallots instead of red onion, basil instead of parsley, and preserved lemon rather than zest, because that’s what I needed to use.


All three of those look wonderful and it’s so good to see you here again!


Blood sausage the BF found in the freezer. Really good. Fresh, buttery corn sauteed with red pepper and scallions, and mexi-rice. Starchy, but good!


^ Lucky you. What beautiful seasonal meals you have been putting on your table!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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