What's for Dinner #71 - the Vacation Time! Edition - July 2021

I love dumpling burgers / patties!

(Can I admit here without fear of mocking that I got the idea from a Rachael Ray cookbook? :roll_eyes:)


That sounds like such. miserable weather. I’m sorry for you.

It’s 60 degrees on the coast. Dinner was New Orleans BBQ shrimp over cauli cheese grits. Muffaletta salad salad.


Its really not . I have lived in the dreaded fog for the majority of my life . No shirt , no shoes . I don’t mind. I have just rigged my fly rod to go to the river tomorrow. Down the street . Toss some flies . Feet in the water with a cold beverage.


No pics tonight, but it was a good night for a sheet pan dinner (chicken, broccolini, and a garlic glaze). I started a new job yesterday with earlier hours and I am getting used to working and coming home while the sun is still shining and eating like a normal person at a normal hour! Enjoyed a martini or two outside in the garden while dinner cooked. I’m now watching Svengoolie on delay. Was a decent Saturday!


Indian for dinner tonight - but not the kind of indian you’d see at a restaurant (well, not in the US anyway - maybe in the UK).

Chicken Junglee Sandwich - loosely translated as chicken sandwich gone wild :joy:

A by-product out of club culture left behind by the British, these types of white bread sandwiches are now ubiquitous (including as street food, though the chicken version would be a fast-carry option not a street option, those are vegetarian).

So. Chicken, mayo, finely minced onion and green chilli, cilantro. Buttered soft white bread. I doctored chicken salad from a neighborhood store, and defrosted bread I brought back on my last trip. Oh, and always plain potato chips (wafers) on the side!

Earlier I had the fennel and orange salad I had planned for last night. So good!



USDA Prime ribeye. Gotta love Costco for their meats, my fancy local market had this at $40/lb so I got it at Costco for $25/lb. sides of sautéed baby bock choy and mashed potatoes.


We enjoyed another fabulous dinner at James on Main In Hackettstown, NJ.
We enjoyed a 20 ounce Bison rib eye; octopus; duck leg confit; heirloom tomato salad; burrata salad; smoked mushroom and ricotta gnocchi, and a refreshing chilled heirloom melon soup with avocado mousse, cucumber relish, and spicy honey. It all went great with an excellent Washington State cabernet.


I love it! It’s essentially a fresh sausage patty with whatever seasonings you want to add, no mocking for that!


Lol, no shame in stealing a good idea when you see it!

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My kinda meal. Big flavors.

That sandwich sounds great. Remembering for later.

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I use ground turkey, but yes!

The northeast frontier of Cadaques and its frontier with France … There are numerous Capes and Islettes in this region of Girona.


24 cloves of garlic? Wow!!


I would have loved to have joined you for that meal!


Impulse buy at Wegmans yesterday of an organic, vegetarian fed whole chicken with no retained water. Washed and dried it, tucked some sprigs of fresh rosemary, thyme, and oregano from my container garden into the cavity with a 1/4 large lemon after a quick squeeze of lemon juice over top. Seasoned liberally with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper to hang around in the fridge for the afternoon.

An herb butter mix of the rest of the rosemary, thyme, and oregano was tucked under the skin with a bit schmeared on top, and into a 450°F. hot oven for 15 minutes, then the temp turned down to 350°F. for another 70 minutes until the internal temp reached 165°F. Let it rest while I mashed taters, simmered the veg, and made gravy from the drippings and chicken stock.

Sides were creamy sour cream and chive mashed potatoes and carrots, peas, and corn. Wine. A perfect “Sunday dinner.”


That is a thing of beauty. Roast chicken is my favorite food.


I got some nice leaf lettuce in my weekly CSA box. Then I found some bulgogi from H Mart I froze a while back and thus dinner was conceived. Koreanish lettuce wraps. I got my hands on some leftover salmon skin that I grilled until crisp, and so a second wrap came to be. Served with lightly pickled cucumbers, grilled Hakurei turnips and a corn and carrot salad (thanks to The Sprout).


A few dinners, going back to the 4th; the slow cooked/smoked pork shoulder turned out great. Enjoyed day of with slaw and baked beans. The next day was pulled pork nachos and cucumber salad, fresh salsa too. Yum. A couple sandwiches, and the rest is in the freezer til later.

Friday night was salmon, cob corn, and Greek salad; yesterday we had afternoon snacks on the deck with DD2 - bruschetta, salami, cheese, followed by homemade manicotti (crepe wrappers) asparagus salad, and cornmeal blackberry cake with ice cream. (From Alison Roman, Nothing Fancy). Eating (very) well and enjoying the perfect weather!
Nacho pic which didn’t upload, damnit!
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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
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