What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021

Another pasta on our June repertoire …


This is another beautiful pasta meal. I like that you kept it simple to let the truffle shine.


I made the Thai eggplant and pork that I think @ChristinaM linked to, first making the nam pla prik from scratch, which took an hour itself, but so worth the effort. However, I realized after making it that Thai eggplants have a ton of tiny seeds, which would wreak havoc for the BF (dental issues) so I thought I’d take it to my sister’s for dinner tonight. But, it’s too spicy for her, so I had to add a small can of coconut milk, and I may even have to add another. Still, it’s delicious. I also tweaked the recipe a bit by adding more sugar and some lime juice.


Yes, I agree …

It was very lovely …

Tonight we shall explore Borne, sort of a “Manhattan Soho” type neighbourhood prior to Covid and see what is opened and if there are any newcomers to the foodie scene.

Unfortunately, Chef Albert Adrià closed his five venues …


We had an ongoing dispute about how long to microwave corn. For me it’s 2-3 min tops. He went 5+. Ugh. Waste of corn.

Still trying to keep it simple

Some background to my limited activity on HO

Limiting kitchen use. Had a waste arm pipe leak under my kitchen sink, In the wall. Due to mold detection my kitchen is slated to be demolished or remediated. A kinder word. Cleaned, tested and I’m left with shambles of a kitchen to rebuild. And thank you St farm for denial of the claim, they don’t cover slow leaks.

In the end i’ll have a new kitchen and my retirement fund will be a little lighter

I still have a kitchen for another week or so then I’m cooking with a grill or a hot pot.
Most likely will move out until it’s rebuilt. Not sure how long that will be :crossed_fingers:t2:


Well, that’s awful.

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I just went through a similar experience. The kitchen and dining room had to be remediated (asbestos) and partially demoed due to a combination of roof / refridge ice maker line leak.s Had to get new floors in several rooms, new cabinets, new countertop, backsplash and hood vent. The bad news: it took forever, my husband had to basically take over as project manager (on top of his real job), and it made it impossible to cook (except for microwave) for several weeks. The stress level was unbelievable. The good news is that CSAA insurance (SF Bay Area) paid for everything (including the 5 weeks we spent in a hotel), ,and I LOVE my new kitchen! I got rid of a ton of stuff that I never used, and I’m glad (well, that might be overstating it) I got forced to do that.


Sounds similar except for the coverage

I’m picking up more fill in work than I anticipated doing but thank goodness that work opportunities continue to come my way. The counter balance is the liability that goes with it. But that’s why I have malpractice insurance :man_shrugging:t3:

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The other thing in trying to empty some cabinets is my kitchen bar cabinet is being depleted at a record clip. All low fills are fair game

Back to cooking. I have some smoked brisket from a previous smoke that was pulled from the freezer. My wife is out of town for Cont. Ed but is due to return in a few hours. Brisket plus a mixed micro green lettuce clamshell will make for an easy dinner to put together on the fly whenever she gets home


Looks delicious

We steam it for 4-5 minutes. Comes out great.

Good luck! We just had a bathroom redone. We didn’t have to move out, but the whole house was turned upside down.

What’s your recipe for the nam pla? That dish looks incredible. I love those tiny ground eggs.

Today is National Martini Day. I’m honored to do my part. There was also food. Grilled blsl chicken thighs on a bed of grilled onions and peppers, with a drizzle of aji verde. Cotc, nuked 2 minutes and then grilled, slathered in mayo and rolled in cotija cheese, salt, pepper and paprika. In an homage to my father, my fancified version of cukes and onions in v&o. After a of high today of 90 and windy it has cooled down to a balmy 80.


All nice @BeefeaterRocks! Looks great, didn’t know about Martini Day - DAMN!

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We enjoyed another magnificent dinner at James on Main in Hackettstown, NJ. This is turning into one of our favorite restaurants, and is well worth the almost 1 hour drive.
We enjoyed huge wood fired Gulf prawns with chili relleno; crispy Korean chili tempura black bass with pickled vegetable spring rolls; refreshing buratta and strawberry salad; beautifully charred octopus; the always excellent duck confit and local sausage with an incredible watercress and green garlic puree; Snake River Farms American wagyu hanger steak with a delicious crispy local asparagus and gruyere spring roll and crispy maitake mushrooms. It all went great with an excellent Chateauneuf Du Pape.


You have until midnight.


Been cooking but not posting; also haven’t taken pics of some repetitive stuff, like burgers on the grill…however, do have something to say about that: recently we’ve had house ground brisket burgers, as well as wagyu burgers last night. It’s our dual opinion that the brisket burgers were far and away the more flavorful of the two. The other wasn’t too shabby either. The pic is of the waygu creation.

Didn’t mean to direct this post to you @BeefeaterRocks - something went wonky!


Sadly no gin, and I’m not venturing forth for any, because…wine! But envious of yours - maybe tomorrow.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2