What's for Dinner #70 - The "Kickoff to the Summertime BBQ" Edition - June 2021

We steam it for 4-5 minutes. Comes out great.

Good luck! We just had a bathroom redone. We didn’t have to move out, but the whole house was turned upside down.

What’s your recipe for the nam pla? That dish looks incredible. I love those tiny ground eggs.

Today is National Martini Day. I’m honored to do my part. There was also food. Grilled blsl chicken thighs on a bed of grilled onions and peppers, with a drizzle of aji verde. Cotc, nuked 2 minutes and then grilled, slathered in mayo and rolled in cotija cheese, salt, pepper and paprika. In an homage to my father, my fancified version of cukes and onions in v&o. After a of high today of 90 and windy it has cooled down to a balmy 80.


All nice @BeefeaterRocks! Looks great, didn’t know about Martini Day - DAMN!

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We enjoyed another magnificent dinner at James on Main in Hackettstown, NJ. This is turning into one of our favorite restaurants, and is well worth the almost 1 hour drive.
We enjoyed huge wood fired Gulf prawns with chili relleno; crispy Korean chili tempura black bass with pickled vegetable spring rolls; refreshing buratta and strawberry salad; beautifully charred octopus; the always excellent duck confit and local sausage with an incredible watercress and green garlic puree; Snake River Farms American wagyu hanger steak with a delicious crispy local asparagus and gruyere spring roll and crispy maitake mushrooms. It all went great with an excellent Chateauneuf Du Pape.


You have until midnight.


Been cooking but not posting; also haven’t taken pics of some repetitive stuff, like burgers on the grill…however, do have something to say about that: recently we’ve had house ground brisket burgers, as well as wagyu burgers last night. It’s our dual opinion that the brisket burgers were far and away the more flavorful of the two. The other wasn’t too shabby either. The pic is of the waygu creation.

Didn’t mean to direct this post to you @BeefeaterRocks - something went wonky!


Sadly no gin, and I’m not venturing forth for any, because…wine! But envious of yours - maybe tomorrow.

We had guests here a couple of weeks ago - two friends/sisters, (but not) from Oregon. One used to live here from the mid nineties, until about 3 years ago. Anyway, we had a small party here, so her friends could see her, while she was in town.

The food was stuffed mushrooms, dumplings and sauce, Mahogany chicken wings, pigs in blankets and etcetera. All had a good time! As you can imagine, people talked up a storm, due to previous QT and isolation. In any case, there was leftover mushroom stuffing, which we used in a lasagne, along with thinly sliced zucchini and spinach, with Rao’s tomato sauce. So very good, and not much work. Plus a couple lunches, and portions in the freezer!


Ok, more dinner stuff.

Tortellini soup with a grilled sandwich. Tasty!


Snap peas were in our CSA share this week so there was this.

Fresh linguine (purchased) with snap peas, garlic scape, speck, ricotta, and lemon turned out to be a tasty combination.


Divinely delicious surely.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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Thank you @Barca!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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As noted upthread we’re having our house painted. I still feel guilty not doing it myself. That starts tomorrow.

We had shrimp and rice and veg for dinner last night so the stuffed pork chops will be tonight.

Mon - Chinese takeaway
Tue - Reheat pizza from the freezer, previous takeaway
Wed - unplanned
Thu - unplanned
Fri - spaghetti and meatballs, assuming asking the painters to prioritize the kitchen works

Suggestions for Wed and Thu welcome. We have a single burner and a microwave, a kettle, and a coffee maker. Outdoor grill.

Plan for the week has not yet been approved by SWMBO. grin


Maybe this week is an opportune time to pretend you are in the south of France? That’s one trick I use when I have limited access to a kitchen.

Pan bagnat. Composed salad with whatever suits your fancy. Grilled fish or rotisserie chicken (for simplicity’s sake) with a big green salad.

Going a little further on to Italy, you might consider grilled veg served with bruschetta toasted on the grill. Crumbles of creamy feta is lovely on a plate of warm grilled vegetables.

Also if you are using dried pasta, the Harold McGee low-water method of cooking pasta in a frying pan is a go-to at our house for one-pan pasta meals. Gotta salt the water after it comes to the boil and make sure to reserve at least one cup of pasta cooking water to prepare the condiment (sauce) in the pan while the cooked, drained pasta rests in a colander.

Perhaps a nice glass of rosé for you and your wife might pair nicely with one of these meals after a long day of having painters in your home. Rosé would be a geographically correct beverage for either place in the summer months.


Good ideas. We’ll see how the day goes tomorrow and the hours the painters stay. That will drive available prep time.

I should also have mentioned that we’re still dealing with the latter stages of cicada Brood X. We’re in a bit of a population hole due to high water table but they still have been coming in waves depending on weather.

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A couple more dinners, nothing too exciting , but reasonably healthy and good. BISO chicken thighs, and Southwestern salad. Gratuitous cat photo.


Harira with the most amazing biscuits ever, chicken piccata with whole grain pasta, chop chop salad - H’s portion is pictured, mine didn’t have tomatoes, so not as pretty.
Last pic is a vegetable and tofu stir fry over brown and cauliflower rices. Last night a photo fail, but dinner was ‘Merican tacos with ground turkey.


Sketti and sawce last night because I was too arsed to do anything else.

Tonight was a BISO chicken breast marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, dried oregano, rosemary and thyme, with salt/Aleppo pepper thrown in as well. Roasted at 425° until done, spooning marinade on top occasionally.

Sides were baby potatoes tossed with olive oil and Penzeys Mural of Flavor, and steamed green beans with toasted almonds.


“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold