What's for Dinner #69 - The "It's Gotta Be May" Edition - May 2021

It’s the gift that keeps on giving… I’ve had a several yummy bao, and there’s still some pork left in the freezer! (Buns were pretty easy too.)


Oh yeah… that reminds me. I didn’t cook tonight, but our leftovers were Cinco de Mayo-ish.

Last of the Seafood Salad w/a Nice, Creamy Fuerte Avocado, Salsa & Tortilla Chips



Nice lookin’ meals! The sear on those scallops!


I’ve been thinking about scallops for days now and your picture pushed me over the edge. I’ve never dried brined mine but it sounds like a great way to prep them. Would you mind sharing your process? Thx.


Assuming you drove, when I-95 was one and the same as the I-495/Washington DC beltway, when you passed US Route 50 I was about half an hour east of you. Had I known we could have coordinated waving at each other. grin

Definitely would have waved, but I’m not sure we were anywhere that far north between Asheville and Carolina beach!

Oops. I had you North of me. I need to start keeping notes.

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This was not the best catch of wild sea bass. However, the wild oysters were heaven on earth. With wild finned fish; I prefer wild cod and wild salmon.

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Why does that tortilla look so appealing? Is it homemade? Warmed up in a hot buttered pan?

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I don’t know that it made much difference, but I sprinkled salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked paprika, then left in the fridge until dinner.

Pat dry before cooking.

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Looks very nice.

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Your seafood salad looks like paradise to me. Only I can’t understand your use of “ceviche” to describe it. Was there any raw component? I’d love the recipe, even if it’s just a quick paraphrase describing how you threw it together.


Here are 2 distinctly different Valencian - Alicantine Paellas with 2 different types of rice that we had eaten last summer during a photo shoot.


Thanks @Sasha!

There’s a salsa vendor at our local farmers market that also sells seafood salads and a shrimp ceviche. The ceviche is uncooked but not exactly raw because it’s been sitting in lime juice (on ice, of course). Anyway, I drained some of the juice off and mixed it with the seafood salad, cooked some wild shrimp & lobster meat I already had then added a little salsa, extra seasoning & mayo (because I’m a mayo junky). If you’re serving it right away it’s great with avocado on top. We eat it with chips. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mashup! Sounds tasty. I’m not sure about salsa with mayo. But a definite maybe. And everything else sounds sublime. I don’t eat nearly as much seafood as I’d like.

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Haha, yeah, it wasn’t the salsa in the photo I posted - it was a chunkier one I used to add tomatoes, cilantro, onions, etc. I was so not feeling chopping & cooking that day… mashup. :wink:

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Just an FYI for all…I suggested to the Mods that they break out the “making of paella at home” to its own thread to get a wider audience participation. That new thread is here:


I made arroz con pollo, inspired by recent posts here about that dish as well as paella. I followed the instructions from the paella video I shared in the other thread, but using Latin American(ish) ingredients. It turned out really well - I would be more precise/cut back on the broth a little next time. Could have been more al dente. But managed a soccarat and DH had thirds :grin: Green salad with homegrown lettuce and Kumatoes.


We had a long string of meat dinners, so I went with minestrone today. And a chocolate babka. Inspired by the GBBS. I really wanted to love it, and the dough was quite nice. But the chocolate completely oozed out as I rolled it, so there was practically none in the interior of the bread. I don’t know if this is me messing it up or a commonplace result.