What's for Dinner #68 - the Spring has Sprung Edition - April 2021

BLT, first decent tomatoes


Nice! Where from? Is that a new avatar? I like it!

Thanks @Sasha!

Yes those Harry’s Berries Strawberries are the bomb and pricey. They have delicious little Tomatoes too and last week I bought a jar of their fresh Salsa. :heart: I have friends who won’t even go to a Farmers Market unless Harry’s & Tenerelli Peaches are back in season, lol.

PS: Thanks for the H Mart / Instacart tip! I looked it up and our zip code is within their range!

PPS: I have a lot of pickled stuff in my fridge too. :relaxed:

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Souse vide this slab bacon at a 150 degrees for 24 hours. Soft , fatty , and crispy. Would I make it again . Probably not . It was super good though. Vegetables sauteed with a little oyster sauce and teriyaki . The star was the rice with the north African spice blend I had ordered. Coriander , caraway ,cayenne pepper , and garlic powder . Cheers .


The first actual meal I’ve cooked in a week is Chicken Marsala. Normally I would serve over rigatoni, but I had a half a box of orecchiette I wanted to get rid of. This could have also used a parsley garnish but I’ll try not to let it bother me too much.


It looks just like the recipe photo! :clap:t4:

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Alemany farmers market in SF. I’m
Super jealous of your homegrown tomatoes @shrinkrap, I used to grow them on the east coast but SF is too foggy.

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That’s me too. My husband thinks my obsession with having to have something green on the plate is odd.


Today was a freezer/pantry dive so I was not going out just for parsley, which while nice to have is also unnecessary. Well, it’s 99% always unnecessary. LOL

Pretty soon I’ll have parsley in the garden, so no excuses.

I can see why people would think it odd to include, but it does certainly break up the monotony of this overly brown meal.


I agree, it breaks up the monotony, lol. Parsley is one of the few herbs I can keep alive in my herb planter which helps my green obsession. Cilantro on the hand? :smirk:


Love all these small plate spreads you and bf have been doing @mariacarmen. It’s my favorite way to eat.


funny, the BF is the one who got me garnishing, way back when.


that is a perfect BLT.


I’ve started a May thread here.


Applesauce! You forgot applesauce!


A few dinners enjoyed during the tail end of April:
Wings and greens; Flank steak fajitas, homemade salsa; chicken and vegetable soup with a cheese biscuit. The soup was from a Stonewall Kitchens mix that was gifted to us. It was actually pretty tasty, and surprisingly not salty, which is the bane of most soup mixes, IME.


We made the potato salad today as close as possible from the descriptions. Will report later after eating.

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The Harry’s berries were a sometimes treat for us, and I was always surprised living in socal that there were so few places for u-pick. Up here in the pnw, where we’ve lived for the better part of the last 15 yrs, there are tons of upick places, and the berries are typically delectable. Our county - Whatcom - I believe provides the majority of raspberries to groceries around the US.


This is so true. Harry’s Berries (no picking) is in Oxnard and the nearest (or most popular) picking place I know of is Underwood Farms about 50 miles from us in Moorpark.

I got these blue, black & raspberries today from Pudwill Farms’ local farm stand. Their actual farm is 80 miles north of Santa Barbara. Yikes.

Here’s the salsa I mentioned. Harry’s not only sells great strawberries they make great salsa. Who knew? It’s bright, fresh, balanced, delish.


I miss the year round availability of produce there. Here in WA, we only have lettuce and radish from April through end of May, and then beautiful stuff until Oct when it moves to just kale and squash. We used to frequent the markets in LA all the time. My favorite stall, course I can’t remember the name, was a citrus one on the Wed and Sat Santa Monica FM. They had these ugly valencia oranges that were just glorious to eat. Perfectly sweet, tart, and juicy. Miss those.

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