What's for Dinner #68 - the Spring has Sprung Edition - April 2021

Chicken Marsala over spaghetti and broccoli rabe with raisins, pine nuts and Calabrian chiles. This is my favorite way to eat broccoli rabe. I love the interplay of the bitter and sweet flavors with a dollop of heat.


Out to our favorite place in town last night. Excellent food, pub atmosphere & on the water. Posted pics of the water view outside last summer. They have a limited Covid menu and only 50% seating capacity. Fortunately our wait was only 20 minutes in the chilly weather. We had our standby halibut fish & chips. Split a 4 piece order. Best resto fried fish and tartar sauce is sublime. We can achieve the halibut perfection at home, but not the tartar sauce. No luck getting the recipe, will have to keep experimenting…
Anyway, due to the limited menu, we had the calamari, rather than steamer clams we were hoping for.
Excepting the plastic packets for the ketchup and malt vinegar, fairly minimal waste. In non Covid times, there are bottles of condiments & s&p.


In honor of my favorite NYC Steakhouse Empire (in the spirit of Peter Lugers) I have:

U-10 shrimp cocktail - honey bourbon bacon - onion rolls

Entree”: two semi-tomahawk rib eyes, one topped with jumbo lump crab and crumbled blue cheese. Also a sockeye salmon (not pictured)

The true steak house experience:
Sides: creamed spinach, German fried potatoes, mushrooms and onions, truffle Mac n cheese.

Happy spring my peeps!!!


Oh my - very nice! What’s your secret for creamed spinach? Mine turns out kind of meh…

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Creamed Spinach: large bag of spinach wilted down with olive oil and minced shallots garlic and seasoned to taste. Half way thu wilting add cream cheese, dash heavy cream and handful of grated parmigiana. Incorporate and enjoy!!!


I’m sure yours is great - I’ll copy, and thanks! There’s something about the flavors of cream cheese and spinach, not to mention the shallots…typically I’ve only used heavy cream, nutmeg, and maybe onions, but following steakhouse style recipes. Which have been underwhelming…steak (filet) and lobster for us tonight, sadly we have no spinach. Asparagus will have to do.

Nutmeg!!! I did forget to say that specifically when I said season to taste.


Gotcha :+1:t3:

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I typically use sour cream, since I find the cream cheese a little too heavy.


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Cafe Panache in Ramsey, NJ. We enjoyed our first soft shell crab of the season with a horseradish and mustard sauce, as well as sweet pea agnolotti and grilled shrimp with avocado in an aioli sauce. We were happy to see the coconut cake returned to the menu for the first time since Chef owner Kevin Kohler passed away. It all went great with an excellent 2013 Sonoma County cabernet.


Fabulous . Nice looking . Right in my wheelhouse . :wine_glass: Cheers .

Whatever Was In The Fridge Pasta Primavera

Casarecce Pasta, Store bought Rotisserie Chicken, Sautéed Shallots, Red Onions, Garlic & Mushroom Medley, Robusto Cheese Cream Sauce, Blanched Bell Peppers, Rainbow Carrots & Peas, Campari Tomatoes, Parsley, Chives, Basil, Salt, Black Pepper & Crushed Red Pepper.

Make it rain Robusto…

Toasty bread drizzled w/buttery olive oil & flakey salt…

Wine was an inexpensive New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with tropical fruit notes that paired well with the primavera.



Lunch Out … Fusilli; Crisp Wild Cod; Focaccia; San Pellegrino Sparkling Water & A bottle of Prosecco from Tenuta Montegarda, Veneto.


Truly exceptionally lovely …

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Those ravioli look scrumptuous !

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Thank you @Barca! Your lunch looked divine as well.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Are you cash only or do you have your own NJR credit card?


Thank you and have a great afternoon / evening.

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We went old school all the way last night with surf and turf. H had bought 2-3 whole beef tenderloins a few months back, which he broke down and froze. They were ridiculously cheap at the time, and we’ve been enjoying them since. Some filets/roasts are better than others, since they came from different animals. Last week, he picked up a couple of lobster tails, of the type that supermarkets often put on sale around the holidays. We were expecting them to be fair, but nothing beyond.
Anyway, the filets were fantastic, and the lobster, surprisingly was probably the tenderest, sweetest and most succulent I’ve ever had. What a surprise. Fresh asparagus, a Chilean red to drink, don’t remember the name.


“The Beans” credit is good here any day of the week!


You know those Sundays where you wake up early, all raring to go, ready to do laundry, scrub the bathroom, do some baking for those of you who have been going in to the workplace (just to get rid of the chocolate chips in the kitchen), and take care of your 2020 Fed and State taxes?

Yeah. Me neither. :wink:

Well, I did do laundry. Because I don’t do leggings and sweatshirts at work. But despite expecting to get a little bit of money from both, because the IRS and Commonwealth of MA both gave us another 30 days to file, I still didn’t do my taxes. Because I’m in lazy-ass mode. I’ll deal with that tomorrow, said Scarlett.

Dinner…Trader Joe’s pork belly with an orange-ginger sauce, Israeli couscous and steamed green beans. And wine.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2