What's for Dinner #67 - the It's Been A YEAR Since This All Started! Edition - March 2021

I just finished catching up on this thread - as always, beautiful, inspiring, and appetite inducing meals!

I spent last week not eating/trying to eat, and forcing myself to eat (pretty) bad hospital food. Not in for anything Covid related, it was just sepsis. I wish I was kidding about the last part! :scream_cat:

In any case, I’m home now, happy to be here and eating some wonderfully tasty food. On the mend and recovering well.

I might create a separate thread about HOSPITAL food.


Oh my @Lambchop. What a relief to know you are home from your hospital stay. Hope that you’re recovering nicely and that your family is pampering you with whatever food and drink appeals to you best.

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They are! Made them with Maseca masa harina.

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Had to use up some uni, so made a soft scramble on mini nan bread (store bought) topped with uni. Also used up some old salad greens with a too ripe pear that was turning yellow. Eat what I can before garbage night. :sweat_smile:


Dinner for the past 2 nights. Really good - small filet roast, wedge salad, baked potato, and asparagus. Enough filet left over for 1/2 generous sandwich each on Monday, French Dip style. Last night, lemon scallops, broccoli with cheese sauce.
H is taking care of me very well, and the food is tasting excellent!! So grateful for everything.


Thank you @tomatotomato! Very happy to be home, and making a full recovery. It was kind of strange being hospitalized during Covid…the last time I was in hospital was 30 years ago, so much has changed, in other ways too. Unfortunately the food seems to be the same though, but maybe just a bit better…


I ordered and enjoyed lamb vindaloo with basmati rice and potato pea curry from my Chef friend.


Freezer diving. Defunct Italian deli Lucca’s white cheese sauce, which I doctored up with minced garlic, ground pepper, and nutmeg. Simmered, then added crispy pancetta. Served over mushroom raviolis from another Italian deli i found after Lucca’s closed. Salad with a Meyer lemon oil vinaigrette.


@Lambchop wish you good recovery - sorry you had to go through that in the middle of the rest of this disaster!

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ohhh uni scramble!! drooling here…

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Yum! Potatoes in vindaloo (or anything) are my favorite - glad there are some potatoes on the plate!

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Happy you’re home, and hoping you’re completely over the sepsis! That’s scary stuff. enjoy your food and your family…

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I’m glad to hear you are on the mend.

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VERY glad to hear you’re doing better, @Lambchop!

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I’ve cooked everything souse vide . Except for the wine. Chicken , beets , asparagus , and whipped potatoes. Cheers .

I’m still driving everywhere in this what feels like a new car .


Chinese tonight.

I was so hungry after a zoom call that I forgot to take a pic.

  • Broccoli with garlic sauce
  • Snap peas with sesame seeds and oil
  • Skirt steak (cooked sous vide, leftover and frozen from V-day) with ginger, onion, and scallions
  • Crab claws in butter garlic sauce (an Indian Chinese favorite)
  • Soy butter mushrooms

You had me at whipped potatoes…

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Pepperoni pizza


Heading to Bermuda tomorrow. Looking forward to New Zealand surplus lamb and Vindaloo is a good possibility for Saturday night dinner. The more I think about it the more likely it becomes. I’ll have to start looking at recipes. A little Caribbean dash with Basmati rice and pigeon peas.


Thanks all for your kind thoughts and good wishes. Glad to be back
On WFD, sharing our virtual dinners!

Dinner last night, ground turkey burrito with black beans and peppers, little cheese, whole grain tortilla. Hit the spot.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2