What's for Dinner #67 - the It's Been A YEAR Since This All Started! Edition - March 2021

This week’s Indian meal is a return to butter chicken. I used Patak’s with the usual modifications, and for additional heat, fried six large dried chilis and left them in to simmer. Side of not homemade naan that we grilled on our tawa.


had to re do this upload. Dont know why . Souse vide beets. Cheers. :wine_glass:


How did you like them vs roasted or steamed?

What do you think of whole wheat pasta? My wife likes it. I don’t. We haven’t figured out why we feel so differently about it yet.

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Are those homemade tortillas? :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

I find the brand makes all the difference. Barilla makes a pretty good one, and so does Dellalo. Italian brands seem to be better than grocery store generics. It tends to be more toothsome, so I prefer shapes to strands like spaghetti. Also be sure to cook it long enough or it’s a bit grainy.

And no, it’s usually not quite as delicious as regular, but it’s better for blood sugar and helps with portion control.


100 percent agree. Some brands of whole wheat pasta are misses for us and some we like. Cooking time is so key as you mention—the interval between just right and mushy pasta is small. That Goldilocks zone!

Also we prefer more hearty, chunkier sauces with whole wheat pasta varieties.


Outrageously better

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Looks like perfect comfort food for a Winnie-the-Pooh blustery day!

And I go for my first COVID-19 vax shot next Thursday…looks like I’ll be getting the Pfizer dose, as that’s what my CEO just got (we’re getting them at the same place). I’m looking forward to it.


Nice looking naan

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Ooh I will give it a try soon

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The sauce combination too… I find I can tolerate it better with a strong, tomato-based sauce


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Souse vide the beets @ 185 degrees for 2 hours and 40 minutes. I don’t peel them . Put them in the bag. Whole .With a little olive oil , salt , and pepper

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Oh that truffle! Your meal looks amazing.

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Thank you very much. We have a dear friend who is in the truffle business.

i caught a glimpse of a conversation about whole wheat or whole meal (integral) pasta.

In all honesty, it is not a favorite of our´s …

We prefer egg pasta or fresh stuffed pasta (tortellini & ravioli) or dry pasta as seen in alot of our photos.

I guess it is a matter of personalised taste and / or an adjustment for dietary - health purposes.


Multi Michelin Starred Chef Quique Dacosta: Denia, Northern Alicante:
2 types of Spanish Rices …


I concur with your pasta preferences. We use whole wheat pasta for dietary reasons. We’ve learned to appreciate its heartiness even though the other types are more appealing to us.


Mapo tofu with beef and leeks over cauli-jasmine rice.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold