What's for Dinner #67 - the It's Been A YEAR Since This All Started! Edition - March 2021

Deviled eggs with homemade bacon bits. Frig clean sweep before we travel.


That sounds right up my alley, did I miss a recipe?

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Lots of errands.
Being a human means lots of “stuff” to take care of on weekends when the work week fades and life emerges.

But also knowing that taking care of that stuff is appreciated by both human and animal makes life worthwhile. For the most part. We all do what we can in our own corner of the world to keep moving forward, right?

So while I didn’t get everything done due to unforeseen circumstances, enough was done that I’m satisfied.

Beef Stroganoff was on the menu tonight, and it didn’t disappoint. Served on egg noodles with roasted asparagus alongside, as well as the obligatory glasses (plural!) of wine during prep and dining, all is right with the world. At least my world. :earth_americas:


I know I’ve posted it before, but searching can be dicey on HO so here you go. I mostly use fresh-frozen summer corn (the window for fresh corn is small in New England) OR Trader Joe’s frozen roasted corn.

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Those look just devilish.

Thank you, can’t wait to try it.

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Pandemic time, we have been trying to go longer between grocery trips. Typically what has given out, and sent us back, in the winter months, is produce. In fact, last week I was cracking myself up a little, thinking about making a Thai curry with froz peas, froz corn, and some frost bitten kale in the yard leftover from last season. I haven’t done it. But we ran to the grocery a few days ago because we used our last onion, and I can’t cook anything without an onion!

So now we are produce rich again, and in particular, we have lettuce. That’s one of the first veggies to get used after purchase due to its fragility. So even though it doesn’t quite feel like Spring, we did have a little sun today. And lettuce. So a nicoise salad happened and is about to be eaten! I could put that zesty lemon-dijon dressing on anything!

Oh, and btw, while this is not related at all, we completed a very large project of digging up one bed of asparagus and moving it to another. It went from bog to 24" raised bed, so it should be drier, sunnier, and happier! My H built a 2.5’x10’ raised bed for them a few weeks ago, and it was quite the project to fill it, even before we got the crowns in.


Can you steer us toward instructions for those amazing meduvada? Have abelskiver pan; will travel.

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They def were more of a meal with the addition of bacon. I used smoked paprika too.

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2 ways, one instant one not.

Instant: Buy medu vada mix, add water, wait 15 mins.

Not instant: Rinse and soak urad dal - overnight best, otherwise in hot water for a few hours. Grind coarsely. Optional - a pinch of baking soda.

Mix-ins: minced onion, green chilli (thai or serrano), cilantro, and ginger, plus rough-cracked black pepper, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds.

Put some neutral oil in each depression, let it heat up, then drop a tablespoonful or so in each. At this point, I partially cover for a few mins. When they are starting to set, start flipping them.


Figured a Saturday night called for something classy. While I am not at all a James Bond fan, I wanted to try a Vesper. 3 parts Tanqueray, 1 part Stoli, and .5 part Lillet. And yes, I did shake it instead of stirring which I normally do.

To eat was a beef and broccoli stir fry. No pics tonight.


I went out to dinner for the first time in a year . Dine in for a birthday party . I had a kettle one lemon drop . Go figure. Cheers :tropical_drink:it was fabulous.


Home chores for us happen when they happen. For small business owners every day is a work day. My wife is CEO of a FACA organization so lots of midnight oil there also. We run into the same issues @LindaWhit does - in short, easy projects drag out and take a while.

Got a lot done yesterday, in part because a customer project (security system on a big yacht) overlapped with a home project (Nest doorbell and Wyze cameras). That’s knocked out and we’ll start this week public shaming dog owners who don’t clean after their pets on our property. We’ve tried running out and asking and otherwise being nice. Didn’t work.

Homemade chicken enchiladas for dinner turned out to be beef enchiladas. Oops. Major labeling fail.

James Bond would have had a steak. Or prime rib.


Thanks - I’m definitely going to make this!

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I so relate to all of this.

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Not gourmet or traditional by any means, but we had dirty rice beefed up with a bunch of veg and turkey kielbasa. Did the trick.



Dinner last night: salmon with tangerine sauce, sweet potato fries, green beans. Delicious!


Late dinner.
Even later dessert.
Because I got started on both late.
But it was all good.

A classic lasagna with meat sauce. Plating looks like hell, even after a 30 minute rest. I think I go too heavy on the ricotta mix and the meat sauce, as I don’t make lasagna all that often. But it tasted very good!

Crusty buttered roll and a quick salad (not pictured) of romaine, cukes, radishes, tomatoes, and croutons, and maple-balsamic vinaigrette drizzled on top. And a really nice Spanish rioja as the libation.

Dessert was lemon pound cake with homemade whipped cream and raspberries and blackberries.


Oh my , A Rioja . Dry , nice and friendly. Looking forward to ending this week to spring forward. Fabulous meal also .

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Grilled bacon cheese on rye sandwiches and mater soup. I got a HUGE haul of stuff from the Russian market, some of which was more rye bread than i know what to do with (froze most of it.) So today I made sort of a tomato soup from salsa roja I had in the freezer, leftover from my chile rellenos. added sour cream to thicken, spiced it even further with aleppo, urfa biber, and smoked paprika, a little salt, and a touch of sugar. Sandwich was TJs uncured Black Forest bacon (which has a bit of sweetness) and a mix of jack, provolone, gruyere cheese. Soup was actually nice, just not with this sandwich. Sandwich was delish but so rich it didn’t need a creamy soup.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold