What's For Dinner #63 - the Giving Thanks Edition - November 2020

Love it . So good .Now I have to drive a hour to get fresh fish. Mollusks are a different story. They are beautiful here from Washington .


where are you now, again?

Ramen hacks, ala youtube’s Aaron & Claire. BF and I both used the same Korean Jin spicy ramen. I made mine with chinese sausage, a quarter of the flavor packet, gochujang, gochugaru, homemade kimchi, enokis, scallions, and cabbage. and of course, American cheese, and a poached egg. I was going for more pasta-like, less brothy, and the cheese and egg gave it so much creaminess. Kraft American slices next time (they melt better).

BF made his more traditionally - ginger in his broth, the same veggies, red onion, boiled egg rolled in soy sauce, and leftover steak, chinese sausage, sriracha, and oyster sauce. Also, a beef bouillon cube (i guess 5000 mg sodium wasn’t enough??) His was tasty, and much prettier, but I liked mine better. Regular ramen is too brothy for me, too filling.


Nice work on all of it (but especially that egg!)

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San Diego

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My older son is also a no tomato sauce (under any circumstances guy). He makes no exceptions, including spaghetti, pizza, and certainly not lasagna. It’s a challenge for sure, since it is pretty limiting.

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Turkey sandwich



Iceberg lettuce with Thousand Island dressing, then keeping “pink”, penne with vodka sauce augmented with unorthodox slivered prosciutto. One of my best renditions of this, so am happy to have leftovers for lunch this week.


Dinner the other night - Greek style orzo with King crab, lemon, butter, green onions garlic and Parmesan cheese. Really good!

A few leftover garlic Parmesan chicken wings.


A crazy busy week so far, but we had a great respite in the middle thanks to my team of 5 gathering on Zoom at 4:00 p.m. for certain libations and an online game of JEOPARDY!

I was always great at Trivial Pursuit, so I was glad to see some of the categories: Geography, History, and Random (which is always a crapshoot), but I also surprised myself with a couple of correct answers in Math, Science, and Sports.

I trailed our Accounting Mgr. up until pulling ahead on the second to last question, and then being the only one to get the last question right (both in Science, IIRC). Woo hoo! I won a $25 GC to Amazon. And the promise to do this for our small group of 5 more often.

The libation(s) I enjoyed while playing JEOPARDY! had me not wanting to do a whole lot for dinner, so a sharp Provolone and Prosciutto grilled cheese sandwich worked for me.


Leftover butter chicken with tofu and leftover cauli rice


Mrs. P repurposed the salumi leftovers from Il Nido this past weekend into a delicious pasta dish :yum: Also, a few gratuitous photos of Gucci who just got his haircut :blush: It was a little chilly today so we had to dress him up to keep him warm :grinning:


OMG, Gucci is too cute in his designer duds!

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Thank you :blush:

In the early 1900’s this all American dessert was given out at Ellis island.

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One of the perks of living in a city with a large Mexican population


I admire your restraint with that salumi plate. We would have torn that thing up and asked for more bread.


I know. If I didn’t order so much other food I could have made a meal out of that salumi plate. The grilled crispy bread was great too.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2