What's For Dinner #63 - the Giving Thanks Edition - November 2020

Collards with coconut cream and scotch bonnet peppers, pickled carrots with more scotch bonnets and a bit too much salt, and berbere rubbed pork tenderloin. And no crutches!


We had another spectacular dinner at Il Nido in Marlboro, NJ. Below is a link to details and pictures for those that might be interested.


Found a little container of truffle butter in on of my online orders last week so today I decided it deserved some homemade pasta. Tossed the butter, salt, pepper, pasta, parm, and a bit of parsley together and that was that. Side of sautéed chard. Wine to drink. I’m not ready for Monday.


Oh my . … looks so fabulous

Made corn tortillas tonight from fresh masa from our local Mexicatessen (nixtamalized on site). WTF took me so long to buy fresh masa, and throw the masa harina out the door?? The masa was warm when i picked it up this morning. Unfortunately, I read that the fresh stuff doesn’t keep more than a couple days in the fridge; you can freeze it, but it was unclear as to whether freezing it would affect the texture, so i went ahead and made tortillas using it all and will freeze those.

Carnitas were fab, using frozen broth and the fat/chicharrones from last time (carnitas “starter.” :smiley:) BF pickled up some veggie odds & ends and made a little bit of cole slaw from leftover cabbage. I also quickled red onion. Crema, cotija with loroco, cilantro and avo slices.

But those tortillas… so tender & corny. I’m in love.


Spanish chicken and rice with pink beans. I was told I did well. So much flavor…and enough sodium to kill a horse.



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Homemade IP butter chicken (with a few haricots for veg) , packaged vegetable vindaloo, cauliflower-basmati rice, cucumber raita, and naan.


Pizza night, inspired by my new pizza cutter (Kitchy) which I love. Local Italian deli’s pizza dough, which i like better than TJ’s. Margherita pizza, which needed more basil, and a pepperoni & genoa salami one. Salad on the side. i tried my hand at “throwing” the dough a bit on the margherita (hence, not round) - stretching it in the air and letting it hang down. I feel like i achieved a thinner dough in the middle but thicker around the edges. need to practice. i thought mine turned out more tender but that could be from the tomato…


droooooooling… i’m full of pizza but i’d eat a bowlful of that.

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Similar, maybe mahi mahi is a bit firmer. These pieces were also thicker than they’ve been before.

Flavor-wise, yellowtail is quite mild. Takes well to seasoning (indian, japanese, and so on) but also good plain.

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Weekend was pizza one night, Diwali celebrations with Indian food the others.

Tonight was Asian - I made japanese-style seared tuna again, with soy, sesame oil, ginger, mirin, and togarashi plus sesame seeds at the end.

Vegetables were broccoli sautéed with chilli oil and simply seasoned shiitake mushrooms. I also made some sushi rice.


that tuna is gorgeous!

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Grilled chicken nachos. Tons of cheese. Simple but got the job done.


A carnivore´s delight … for a change … Tuesday Lunch. (Ecological Black Spanish Angus ) …


Wow! What a spectacular looking piece of perfectly cooked meat!
I hope all is well @Barca Try and stay safe.

Making your own tortillas is pretty ambitious :+1:

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Phoned it in to the freezer tonight:

Served its purpose.


actually, not really. dough was already made, all i had to do was make the little balls, flatten in the press, and put in a hot CI pan. voila! Certainly less work than baking bread!

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Thanks! It was delicious… I could only eat half, had the rest over a salad for lunch today.

I’ll miss the freshness of the fish (and produce) when I eventually go back home…

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2