What's For Dinner #63 - the Giving Thanks Edition - November 2020

Swooooon :heart_eyes:

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Last night: battered pan-fried catfish with red beans and rice with okra, and remoulade. DH cooked. Yum!


Tonight: bucatini all’amatriciana. I used cured country side pork, which is like semi-lean unsmoked bacon. It was pretty off the chain (read: yummy). Bucatini, with that tubular structure, feels lighter somehow. Served with garlicky broccolini and salad with aged balsamic vinaigrette.

A robust red in our glasses.


Quick trip to Mom’s former assisted living home to pick up some stray pieces of mail still being delivered there because the USPS won’t change a business address forwarding to a personal address. Felt very weird, but was received warmly by the few staff members who saw me.

Dinner decided on the fly on the way home: Fettuccine Carbonara. Subbed diced pancetta for the guanciale, and adding a few stalks of asparagus for a bit of veg.

WIne. Needed.


Once again, I must thank @CurlzNJ for turning me on to Adeena Sussman’s Sababa. Dinner tonight was Pitaquiles, a Israeli play on one of our favorite Mexican breakfasts, chilaquiles. Toasted and seasoned pita toasts are tossed with a spicy tomato sauce. Served with fried eggs, feta and labne. I happened to have to Meyer lemons that needed to be used so I diced them up and added them to a chopped salad. They added a nice extra burst of freshness.


We had another excellent dinner at Drew’s in Keyport. Details and pictures are in the link below for anyone that might be interested.


King Crabs! Some might be queens, in fact. :upside_down_face:


LOVE country side pork - it can be hard to find around these parts…we always try to bring some back when we’re in Utah. Envious!

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It looks absolutely captivating and flavorful @MsBean - I’ve got that book, and am really impressed with it, albeit, haven’t cooked a thing out of it yet…

Diwali dinner: papri chaat, chicken curry, channa masala, aloo gobi, raita, rice and naan.

Diwali inspired sugar cookies for dessert. these were a fun project with the kiddos.


Happy Diwali. You have very talented children.


Thanks. It was very good though I could have used some more sauce.

Sababa is fast becoming one of my go to books. I’ve marked so many recipes to try. I’ve participated in number of on-line cooking events that featured Adeena Sussman. She is very enjoyable to watch and learn from. She reminds me a little of Ina Garten in that she seems like a real person.


Pork sirloin roast. Cut into medallions. Panko crusted then fried over greens. Homemade tonkatsu sauce over the cutlets. Jasmine rice dolleped with Mae Ploy. Cheers.


Our friend invited my mom, my BF, and I to have socially distant wine and apps in his screenhouse. Though it was cold outside, the three dozen candles plus a fireplace made it very comfortable (and beautiful). It was actually our turn to host but his place made it easier to spread out. We brought a bunch of apps: an Onion Galette, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and ham and cheese sliders with a honey, Dijon, and onion glaze. There were also cheeses and plenty of wine. Dessert was chocolate fondue using a fountain that the BF recently bought to add to our endless arsenal of gadgets. We used ladles and bowls instead of dipping to keep it safe.

Pics of the atmosphere instead of food:


Ribs redux, this time for me and my seester. Serious Eats slow cooked oven ribs with my rub and sauce. And COTC to pretend it was summer.


What a spectacular setting!


I generally like all broth over rice dishes. Yum!

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Sunday: 15th November - Drizzling most of day and a warm up lunch.


We made ranch breaded chicken cutlets, Caesar salad, and pre-fab stuffed mushrooms. To start I warmed up some snow crab leg meat in butter.

We were too full for the roasted delicata squash I made, so that will be another meal.


Baked honey-mustard chicken that had minced garlic, white wine, and a bit of Sriracha added for heat.

Rice pilaf and broccoli and wine.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2