What's For Dinner #6 - Feb 2016. The Hunker Down Edition

If you get clay (?? or something like that), you can absolutely grow oyster and king trumpets.

I only have a little experience with growing… other mushrooms. Too much of a hassle '-D

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Snow’s chopped clams in juice can be found in any supermarket here in Massachusetts, or I imagine anywhere in New England. I’m surprised they’re not out west as well.

Iraqi flat bread, Turkish red pepper paste, lamb mince with Turkish kebab spice mix. The bread is bigger than my dinner plate so I cut it up like a pizza. Shown here is a portion of the meal.

Actually a beer glass but I think it’s better as a wine glass.


I had a senior moment. The stuff there with the canned tuna etc. Of course. Obviously you find the quality to be good. That’s all the rec I need :slight_smile:

It looks like king trumpets aren’t available in NZ. I just bought a kit for oyster and also some enoki spore. We’ll be inundated with mushrooms this autumn. Lol at the ‘other’ mushrooms. With an experimental four year old in the house I’ll avoid that for now!


Tonight I’ll turn the poached chicken leftover from yesterday’s pho into soft tacos. Lots of fresh coriander and chillies will be added and there’s a range of other taco friendly items floating around so we can fix them how we prefer. It’s an AYO (assemble your own) dinner.

Better Call Saul will be on the box.


I did “AYO” when some of the family was up recently. With an 18 mo. old, a 4 y.o. and 4 adults it worked so well.

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I made a lentil walnut loaf last night- used this recipe as a starting point and added in some chopped mushrooms and just used a ketchup and basalmic combo for the top. From another recipe i follow the technique of mashing about a third of the lentils to help everything stick together well

I’ve made this for my hard core carnivorous parents before and they liked it as much as i do!

Last night i had a slice with a side of roasted green beans, tonight was ontop of kale and arugala sauteed with a few chopped olives added in. The rest i have wrapped as individual slices and frozen for future easy meals


love the log!

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ooh to all of it, but i LURVE Duchesse de Bourgogne!

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BF pan-grilled the leftover sausages (bacon/duck & pheasant), made a potato salad similar to mine of the other night (subbed garlic for thyme), and used the salad i made but forgot to serve last night (and take to work today) with my buttermilk/mountain gorgonzola dressing. simples.


There’s to be lamb sharwama - using leg meat that was leftover from a roast and frozen. It’ll get tossed in oil and za’atar and reheated in the frying pan. I’m making moutabal and we should have the wherewithal for tabbouleh and fattoush. Lavash bread for an additional carb. A couple of jars to be opened for pickles. Dates for afters.


I’m salivating. At 9:15 a.m.

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ooops. Forgot we change threads at the beginning of the month. Reposting tonight’s dinner on WFD 7.

The March edition of WFD is here:

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She sure does!! Brava!

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