What's for Dinner #59 - the Summertime Covid Blues Edition - July 2020

Have all of those books mentioned. Greek and ME food a fav, not to mention North African @MsBean. They are all beautiful books, as well, Fallastin seems more approachable than Ottolenghi IMO.


When I was living near UC Santa Cruz forty years ago off this rural road renting a small studio . There was a goat that would walk in and say hello . Waz up .


I remember trying to count how many books we had in common by looking at your pictures on the show your book shelves thread but I lost count.


Not surprised, kind of daunting, I’m holding back on posting more pics…@MsBean.

I’m afraid if I see more I will want more. And I am all about satisfying my wants these days.

Omg - so funny, I’m all about taking care of myself these days, and finding my happy place too @MsBean. Please check out the Recent Cookbook Acquisition Thread In a day or two. Several new ones along that line I feel compelled to share…pics included.


Chorizo/beef patty melts. Caramelized onions, muenster cheese. Lotsa buttah. Sourdough slices were long so we each split a slice per patty. So much oozy juiciness. BF’s cole slaw for veg.

something’s up with my lens…


@mariacarmen, looks excellent! Do you happen to grind your own chorizo?

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Dan dan mian with a few chive and pork dumplings from the freezer.


thank you!

but oh goodness no. i’ve wanted to grind my own beef but haven’t tried it. don’t have a grinder, and i feel like the food processor makes a mushy job of it?

oh my god i am drooling all over my keyboard at this. fabulous combination! it looks so delicious it makes me want to cry. :cry:


Food processor IMO does a respectable job, much easier to use than the KA grinding attachment. Will use that for bigger jobs @mariacarmen.

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I eat goat in Indian restaurants whenever I see it on the menu (usually Rogan Josh style)…delicious. And yes, I think they’re adorable too.


My best friend’s sister lives in Chicago and she has been working her way through Falastin. I try not to look or read the posts because I do NOT need another cookbook in my house. :joy: :rofl: :joy: But I’m also obsessed with these flavors.

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Why do I think I will need to have my credit card handy?

oh, good to know! that may have to be the new #covidkitchenproject!

i know, why do delicious animals have to be so CUTE???


My cabbage pad Thai mixup…mixtape? I’m going to look for the right word. I looked at many recipes, and it evolved over a week. It ended up including two kinds of reconstituted dried mushrooms (shitake and chanterelle), green cabbage, wilted a bit with a but if salt, green onions headed for a new life in the garden, bean sprouts with a yesterday use by date, some chicken I roasted for husband, “true Thai” basil from the Aerogarden, and 2 eggs scrambled in the wok that would have added more if I had taken more care with them.


Friday Lunch. An interesting home made Asian Fusion “Dim Sim …DIMSIMTWO107549015_10214613740651859_4808254765976260397_o|700x525



Wow! During lunch? That would be impressive even if you had all day!