What's for Dinner #55: The March Forward Into Spring Edition - March 2020

Sunday night comfort food dinner involved roasting everything in the oven. Small yellow potatoes got the duckfat treatment. There’s a side of rainbow carrots with a drizzle of pomegranate molasses, and steak tips in a maple bourbon marinade.

I list the potatoes first because roasted potatoes sure do a lot to improve one’s mood.


Also this helps with our provisioning situation, because the generous package of marinated steak tips from our butcher will yield another dinner this week. The rest (uncooked) I popped into the freezer.


I would like to learn more about the fries brunch, please. :grin:

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Beef chuck pot roasted with onions, steamed potatoes


I haven’t had sushi in a month, so as part of a large run at the local Japanese market, picked up a bunch of fish to offer some respite from today’s happenings and ever-so-scrappy meals. This chirashi includes bluefin tuna, chutoro, hokkaido scallop, kanpachi, scottish salmon and tamago.


A couple recent dinners; the H is still doing most of the cooking. You may notice a pattern in our meals. I need to be careful, lest I pick up the Covid-19 (lbs that is) :scream_cat:

In the bowl is Greek Stifado, one of the great comfort foods of all time, IMO.


those shrimp! luscious!

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It’s fries. at brunch. :grin:

literally, we go to the resto/bar around the corner from our house and order bloody marys and an order (or two) of fries. sometimes I add oysters, sometimes I get a cocktail. But it’s always fries! :slightly_smiling_face:

but since the lock down, we’ve been recreating this at home for the last 2 weeks. it’s been nice!


Phenomenal absolutely …

Tonight we had Italian sausage grinders with grilled peppers and onions, marinara, and mozz in ciabatta rolls. Good sausage, good bread, good eats. Wedge salad with blue cheese. Major meltdown from the kiddo, who was tearfully demanding a hot dog instead, but ultimately relented. Never negotiate with a terrorist. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Today a freezer dive yielded a big pkg of Country Style Ribs: Done in the Instant Pot, then sauced & under the broiler, plus stir fried cabbage & rice.

Getting so bored with my own cooking :unamused:


Sounds good to me!

the enchilada sauce and the carnitas i made last week finally make their appearance tonight as… Tacos! Little street tacos. Fried the tortillas lightly, with cotija, quick-pickled jalapenos, scallions, and cabbage/pickled carrots/pickled onions leftover from take-out. But the pork was the rock star of the night, and I wish I’d left out more for tonight’s dinner (froze the rest).


i’m sorry rwcfoodie, and i get it! but this looks great! do you not have the option of ordering in or getting delivery near you?


holy crap does that look good. all of it! but that wedge! i mean, that sausage! i mean… all of it!

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Our first dinner take out since this CA stay at home order started. Hot chicken, beans, fries, mac n cheese wedge, pickles, and collard greens. Two meals will easily be 4-6 for us.


i need to make that, sounds great!

I’ve picked up the Covid-4 so far, in the last two weeks, so i’m fattening the curve. :grin:


Frittata. Ham , onion , asparagus , goat cheese. My usual loaf of bread. Cheers .


I just started my first sourdough starter today! your bread-making was no small enticement!


So much in the freezer & nothing but time = guilt trip if I don’t cook :grin:. Really thinking about getting some take out! A Facebook friend posted about Koi Palace offering frozen dim sum, large orders, seriously thinking about that!!! :yum:


yes but you can assuage that guilt by ordering in and supporting places that probably need your dollars at this time! and you’re saving your food for when you may possibly need it more - if some of these restaurants don’t get enough business, they may even stop doing take-out/delivery. That’s how I’ve been thinking about it, anyway.

But mostly, don’t cook out of guilt! You’re boring yourself silly! :kissing_heart: Go get you some dim sum!!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2