What's For Dinner #54 - The Leap Month Edition - February 2020

Thanks @mariacarmen - I’ll pass on your compliment to H!

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Amazon Prime movies all day, and a classic Sunday dinner tonight.

Roast chicken with s/p and a smidge of lemon juice, mashed sour cream & chive potatoes, and peas with sauteed mushrooms.

And wine for fortification for the impending work week. And because it’s still the weekend.


Shrimp and veggie korma, leftover rice, and DH’s homemade naan.

The kiddo was a disaster because we had ice cream at 4:30pm. Learned our lesson.


The bit of rigatoni and meatballs that wouldn’t fit in the kid’s box yesterday, with some of he homemade focaccia from last week . Might need to dig in the fridge later.


Naan looks great! Yeast or yogurt recipe?

His actually called for both. It was a bit ester-y - still looking to dial it in. Got a fave?

I don’t often make naan at home, more likely chapati and paratha (naan is eaten out, even in India).

I eat it so rarely at home that I’m more likely to buy it when I do want it - I like the frozen garlic naan at TJ, or for plain I get it from a restaurant.

I’m curious, though. A cousin just uses pizza dough - either homemade or from the store - on a cast iron pan.


Made a couple trays of eggplant parm for the office tomorrow. Dinner tonight was an assortment of apps for the Oscars (hot clam dip, mushroom flatbread, and pigs in a blanket). No pics.


We had our final dinner at Costanera in Montclair. They are closing on the 29th. Below is a link to the details and pictures.


1st attempt at Biryani Rice. Any purist, please forgive.

Got some Chinese Roast Pork from SF Chinatown. Some Basmati from Costco. Miscellaneous spices from pantry. Chopped Scallions and Jalapeños from fridge.

Into rice cooker. Threw on some marinated Pork Toro (Neck meat) I also “happened” to have on hand. Cooked per usual.

Saved some of the cracklings to crisp in the toaster.

Pretty good for a first attempt.

Looking forward to gathering the embellishments
and sides that grow the meal.


Very adventurous! Thanks for sharing!

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Corned beef, cabbage, onions and carrots. Leftover mashed potatoes and gravy from last night’s meatloaf dinner.

Softish comfort foods due to oral surgery Friday. Appetite starting to come back. Still
haven’t cooked since Xmas eve - getting anxious to get back in the saddle!


Looks wonderful…taste was on par?

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Thanks! I am more than satisfied for a first effort. Ready to do some mutton for round two.

If only I had some Halal Guys White & Red sauces! Low brow? Maybe. Good NYC memories? Definitely!! :slight_smile:


WOW!! Who cares about purity when your version looks so good.


I had a hankering for Arroz con Pollo. This version is based on the recipe in A Taste Of Old Cuba by Maria Josefa Lluria de O’Higgins. Not too hard to make but you do have to plan in advance to marinate the chicken. One change to the recipe - I reordered the rice and chicken so the rice was on the bottom in order to develop a paellalike socarrat. It worked well.


I am smiling as I recall meeting our son’s Italian au pair the first time. She was telling me about her cooking skills and lamented that she couldn’t find jarred white sauce here. “Huh?” Jarred white sauce? Besciamella?

“Sweetie, you don’t BUY it, you MAKE it!” She was skeptical. So I showed her how to male white sauce in just a few minutes and steps. She converted.

Shaking head…an Italian who buys white sauce???


Beautiful presentation on the Arroz Con Pollo! It looks delicious, especially with the crispy socarrat.


Halal Guys white sauce is pretty much Ranch dressing. Their red sauce, on the other hand, is da Bomb!

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Thank you. I thought about carefully arranging each slice of roasted pepper but the artistic toss is more my style.