What's For Dinner #54 - The Leap Month Edition - February 2020

Once every four years, the world plays catch-up to
synch our calendar year with our 4 revolutions around the sun. And technically, those born on February 29th get to age only a year every four years. So then why are some 64 year olds allowed to drive if they’re only 16 years old? :wink:

We’re in the middle of the winter doldrums. While those of us in the Northeast have been lucky to not have been dumped on by snowstorms (or unlucky if you like that sort of stuff), it’s still cozy meal weather. At least it is for me! So what are you putting on your tables this month?


Started February off with a beef shoulder roast slow baked at 275 degrees for 4 hours, 15:

Impressive, in size, Russet Potatoes served on the side.


Looks wonderful. I’ve been craving steak, but looking at your roast I’d happily eat that!


Tonight’ dinner is canned abalone with reconstituted shiitake mushroom, baby boy chow served with rice cooked with coconut per suggestion of Night07 to cut down calories.

Evoo to sauté ginger, garlic, then mushroom, freshly ground pepper, soy sauce, rice wine and spices ( XO sauce and oyster sauce with scallops. ), bok hoy stem followed by leaves. ) vegetable and mushroom broth added, correct seasoning, then sliced abalone and juice from can added, quickly removed from heat to avoid cooking abalone and reducing juice which is very sweet. Just want the abalone to be Luke warm. Then, sesame oil added as well as fried shallot for extra fragrance.
Picture not very good but sure is yummy!
This is a dish we serve for New Year. I was going to cook this last Friday , Year of the rat but did not get around to cooking.


I needed Mom comfort food today. I miss her, and miss cooking for her. So I made her Lemon Pot Roast with boiled potatoes and carrots. It’ll hepp feed the freezer for those nights I haven’t planned.

There was wine.

I’ll figure out something to watch on Prime tonight.


That’s a mom hug on a plate. Virtual hugs to you.


Thinking of you, and your relationship with her, fondly. You were a devoted daughter. Xx


Crispy adobo pork over moros y cristianos with jalapeño, lettuce, avo, sour cream, and hot sauce.


Chicken cutlet with provolone, sauteed mushrooms and asparagus. Side of cauliflower risotto (with a little too much garlic-- yes there IS such a thing).


Grabbed arugula, a lovely yellow heirloom tomato, and baguette at the FM this morning. Had bacon in the frig so dinner was BLTs. Started by spreading the bread with pesto mayo. Wine to drink.


Didn’t feel like going out today into the draining grayness.

So I rescheduled various plans - pushed dinner to tomorrow, chatted for a really long time over the phone with another friend who wanted me to go over, and generally puttered in the kitchen.

Made some indian zucchini “dumplings” - steamed (and then sautéed) most, but fried a few from the dough that didn’t fit in the steamer.

Very late lunch bordering of truffle porcini ravioli in the remainder of the jar of truffle mushroom sauce doctored a bit. Very tasty.

Late dinner of the steak I’ve been craving, with sautéed mushrooms, garlic butter broccoli, and truffles mashed potatoes. One pan meal, mushrooms first, then broccoli, and the steak done low and slow in the oven and finished in the pan.

Nightcap of aged rum.


Cooking a pot of chili con carne using 2.5 lb of 10% ground beef, cooked in low heat until they browned, added good size package of frozen garlic that I had toasted in oven with Evoo from freezer, caramelized onions from freezer and around 4 cups of my home made chile sauce from freezer.
I also added a small 5.5 oz tin of V8 juice, 1.5 tablespoon of ground espresso, and 2 chocolate truffles, 3 chipotles and 2 tablespoon of the adobo sauce.
Also 4 tins of drained beans. ( black beans, white northern beans, pinto and corn)
Chili sauce was reconstituted dehydrated chile pods ( ancho, pasilla and mulato) as well as hatch Chile and Chile de arbor, , flash toasted in oven, soaked in warm water and processed in food processor with chicken broth and Evoo, caramelized onions, oregano, bay leaf etc. .

This is simmering on top of stove, perhaps for another hour ’

Cannot taste as I am allergic to beef so when son comes home tomorrow, he can ad

just seasoning


Super Bowl halftime menu was:

Mahogany Chicken Wings
Broccoli-Cashew Salad
Orzo & Veggie Salad with green beans, corn, red bell pepper, red onion, and cotija cheese with a lemon-honey vinaigrette.

And J-Lo and Shakira kicked ass during the halftime show!


Don’t watch this sport but I hope both teams have fun, and eat vicariously through you.

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Cold and rainy night. Had clam chowder and a turkey and cheddar sandwich. Exhausting day at work. No cooking. No booze.


Watched the game tonight with the kiddos. Had a spread of apps for dinner. Started with a platter of veggie crudite (cucumbers, red peppers and snap peas), roasted crispy chickpeas (seasoned with garlic, pimenton and a hint of curry powder, s/p), empanadas, pigs in blankets in puff pastry, cheese crusted green olives, korean air fried chicken tenders or chicken n/waffle bites, roasted crispy broccoli.

I had a few others planned that we didn’t even get to as my menu planning outpaced our appetites.


Did my cheat meal–salmon, leftover rice, peas, and Grandma’s chocolate cookies for dessert.


That’s a very good meal, cheat or not! And welcome to HO, @Krys_Prichard!


Last night’s SB dinner. I was even able to eat it!


It is cheat because my Dad gets the salmon at the base (I cared for my Mom for 3.5 years until she passed away on Christmas Day) and now I am trying to get organized to go back home to Eastern Ontario. I eat my big meal in the morning, so really don’t feel like cooking for him, but the salmon is a frozen fillet and EASY. He also buys frozen cod when he goes over to get his meds, so fish is my cheat meal.