What's for dinner? #5 - Jan 2016. The Happy New Year Edition

Welcome to the new thread and the new year. Hope it’s a happy and peaceful one for everyone - with lots of good eats.


New Years Day dinner:-

To start - a partridge in a pear tree. OK, no actual tree but there will be leaves. And a quick saute of the bird and the fruit. Sprinkle of crushed walnuts for texture.

To follow - fish pie. This is to be Mrs H’s Mediterranean version. A herby tomato based sauce. Cod & prawns. Puff pastry topping. And, yes, I know that a “proper” pie has pastry top, bottom and sides - but this doesnt - you go tell Mrs H she’s wrong (I’m too scared)

To finish - cheese. We have Bourne’s Cheshire, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester and Blackstick’s Blue.


Thanks, Harters.

I want to eat out today (looking for carp, one of those tradional meals here) but everything is closed, save for the few cafes.

If I can’t find a decent place that opens today then we have to eat soup again.

Can’t wait to go home! (leaving on sunday)

Happy New Year, Harters!

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It’s much too early to think about WDF so I’ll simply say this for now and be back later.


A very happy New Year to you and the missus, @Harters!

I’ve got leftover roast chicken to use up, so I’m thinking a simple grilled chicken panino, probably with some goat cheese and prosciutto, maybe some fig jam as well. We’ll see what I feel like at dinnertime.


Happy New Year! I’m so glad to see the WFD crew is still kicking!

My plans for tonight are the usual New Year’s Day tradition in the parts where I come from - collard greens. I made a vat of them yesterday with pork stock to eat through the weekend. Tonight the plan is a pot likker soup with ground pork. There are some leftovers from last night’s eye round roast which I’ll probably slice up to eat after dinner lettuce wrap style with rosemary dijon mustard.

I hope all are doing well.


Jan & I reciprocate, Linda.

By the by, it was only the other day that we chatting about the dinner we enjoyed with you & Gretchen (the only Chowhounds/Onions we’ve met).

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it’s blackeyed peas with the Christmas ham bone here.


Black eyed peas and a cabbage/sausage casserole.

A happy and healthy 2016 to all!


Surprisingly (and not in a good way), the restaurant for which I translate the daily menu was OPEN today. WTF? Everything is closed Jan 1 in Germany. Wah.

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Probably leftovers from last night’s swell soirée (my man’s ciabatta sammiches, several different cheeses) and our friend’s minestrone - he’s hosting a New Year’s Day open house all day with Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas.

However, given that I went to bed at around 4 AM after dancing my pants off most of the night, I slept in really late today… and I’m working 5-9 PM. So it’ll be kind of a late dinner for me.

Tomorrow we’re off for a wedding in OH, so WFD will be whatever is served there. No cooking till Sunday @casa lingua.


Cheers, and very best wishes for a smart, healthy, peaceful New Year!

WFD: ~ Roasted Turkey Legs. Garlic, onion, S&P, smoked sweet pimenton, olive oil.
~ Braised Collards with pancetta. Seasoned with RPF, and a bit of chicken stock if necessary.
~ French Country Lentils. Puy lentils; carrots; celery; onions; slab bacon; dry white wine; stock; bay leaves; thyme.
~ Warm Dinner Rolls.


It’s been quite some time since I’ve been to Dali, John, for various reasons - almost 3 months. :disappointed: This is probably the longest I’ve been away, so I’m hoping to make a trip there very soon.


I haven’t been on in a while. I want to wish all my fellow “Onions” a Happy New Year and hope your 2016 will be fantastic.

Tonight, I have a spiral Ham in the oven. To go with is Mashed Potatoes and corn. I also have some spicy cheese balls ready to go in the oven while the ham rests. And of course, there will be wine. Dessert is Lindor Truffles. (Got them for Christmas and I’ve never had them before)

Cheers to all!


New Year’s dinner was a simple affair. Chicken piccata with a bit too much lemon, as usual, (damn, when will I learn?) mashed potatoes, and roasted asparagus with shallots, lemon and parmesan. A bit of wilted red chard rounded out the plate, since my vegetarian son was looking for some nutrient-packed veggies after the excesses of the New Year’s celebration.

Tomorrow my omnivorous son comes to help me cook. We’ll see. There’s beef stock in the freezer and a few pounds of onions waiting to be caramelized, so maybe French onion soup. Where will whimsy takes us?

Happy 2016 one and all!


We were out for NYE dinner so no leftovers! Good friends are coming over with an assortment: split pea soup with ham for the carb eaters, celery sticks & guacamole for the carb avoiders, I have several nice cheeses & salami, some poached salmon & a green salad & some good red wines… No culinary excitement, visiting with good friends will be grand!


I usually make black eyes, but it has been so darn hot, I just didn’t feel like a steaming pot of anything.

Just plan to munch through the evening. Some deli beef, olives, pickles cheese…that kind of stuff…

We are at What’s for Dinner #5 at HO! Too cool. We are hitting our stride. 2016

Happy New Year :tada: :confetti_ball:


I have fed a cast of thousands over the past week [plus.] The last of the ham has been eaten. The bone is in the freezer waiting for the annual arrival of split peas. My body is just plain tired so Mr. SMT made two bowls of oatmeal for our dinner. Guy knows when to step up to the plate!


@Robin, sounds like we’ll have plenty of cool weather starting tomorrow…crazy weather – 83 today, 68 tomorrow…!

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