What's for Dinner #49 - the Falling Leaves Edition - Sept 2019

I looked up on this dish. Cold soups! Very suitable to make in my country - always humid and warm here.

Maybe it’s time for me to get an immersion blender first. :drooling_face:


Turkish dinner tonight, via an impromptu “adventure” to NJ.

Met my friend for a cup of tea late afternoon to catch up on her recent travels. As she was telling me how disappointed she was with some Turkish food she had recently, we both got a bit hungry.

Long story short, we got into a car and headed to the Turkish neighborhood in NJ where she last had a memorable meal..

Sigara borek, lamb Adana kabab, and Manti for dinner after snacking on stuffed grape leaves, potato borek, and spinach borek while grocery shopping (because why not… I love being let loose in a new international market!)

A fun and unexpected Sunday evening - and I am all stocked up on turkish goodies and groceries!

. .

Almost forgot… before I met her, I tried a riff on a childhood favorite for the first time - Swiss chard leaves (instead of colocasia) rolled up with spiced gram flour paste, steamed, then sliced and fried (“patra”). Slightly underspiced and undersalted, but quite an accomplishment - for me :grimacing:


MUshroom bourguignon and butternut squash mash. A Nigel Slater recipe from Kitchen Diaries 3.


She says in the book, she’d toned down the chilli. And indeed she had. Certainly needed more if it was to resemble lal maas. But, otherwise, this was really tasty.


Was so proud to make the David Lebovitz tomato tart for my first time, which made lovely use of a giant heirloom tomato. Then I made a crucial mistake.

After dinner, I left about half of the tart out to cool in the middle of the dining room table. Evidence shows the dog helped herself to it as a nighttime snack. Oops.

The pooch feels just fine this morning, by the way.


Another excellent dinner at Sichuan Cottage in Marlboro NJ last night.


Greg - what dishes am I looking at, please? Always interested in Sichuan food.


Your dog knows good stuff when she sees one! :joy:


Multi-grain rice tonight.

Cucumber + cherry tomatoes with homemade sesame dressing; and
Asari clams in butter/soy sauce/sake.

Not in the pics - (tofu + wakame + abura-age) miso soup.


Pup saw your enjoyment and could not resist!


That all looks great!


From top to bottom:

  1. Wontons in hot oil (the best I’ve ever had)
  2. Scallion pancakes
  3. Beef with roasted chili in hot chili oil (I asked for extra spicy and enjoyed/regretted every second of it)
  4. Clams with black bean sauce
  5. General Tso’s chicken. We usually try to go more authentic here, but when a craving calls…

I drive upwards of 35 minutes to eat at this place. There are good Chinese places closer, but this blows them all away.



The pancakes are a stalwart of Sichuan restaurants in the UK. And I’ve once had the General’s chicken on a trip to America - albeit in a mall food court (but I’d read about this American Chinese dish so often I just had to try it).

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Normally I am not a fan unless I’ve been out at the bar and craving some late-night takeout.

Deep fried anything covered in a sugary glaze is not my thing, but damn if this wasn’t pretty good!

@thwysg, @ChristinaM, it’s not the first time our dog has thrown herself a “tomato party.” So the slip-up was definitely mine.

The pup once helped herself to six greenhouse tomatoes. She ate them while lounging on her bed. As you can see.


Winner, right there.


It was delicious, put over the top by slices of almost raw onion.

As you do. :joy:


i’ve made salmorejo in just a regular blender, too - turns out great!

One of our favorite fresh tomato dishes is RAW TOMATO SAUCE on pasta or bruschetta.
Just chop raw tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil. Add a spoon of balsamic, red wine vinegars and soy sauce, a pinch of herbes des provence, chili flakes, big splash of EVOO. Let mellow maybe an hour and use on hot pasta. A lovely hot/cold explosion, particularly welcome on a hot day.