What's for Dinner #49 - the Falling Leaves Edition - Sept 2019

Gotta to love a dog that is passionate about tomatoes. :laughing:


Like usual, a few suppers.

Lion head meatballs with radish cooked in chicken broth, very soft and tender. The secret is to stir in chicken broth into the meat several times and stir in one direction until the meat mixture is paste like.

The leafover was roasted. Both styles were good!

The last mooncakes…with melting egg custard.

Taboule libanese, leftover ham heat up with some tomatoes and gnocchi.

Don’t know why suddenly this urge for burger…
So eat out, jalapeños cheddar poppers and dip

Burger with beef, bacon, onion confit, onion ring, 9 month old cheddar, bbq sauce! It was great.

Of course there were beer.


Well, I’m 289 posts behind for this month. That feels about right for what else is going on in my life.

I’m in chaos mode still at work so fast as possible dinners prevail.

Tonight, sauteed shrimp, beans and a tomato/cucumber salad. Sides of wine and answering emails until the middle of the night.

This will calm down, right?


Sounds delish - our next hot day is likely to be next August sometime :slight_smile:

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How is different from a jasmine rice congee?

Might be more sticky. Lol.

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Here in the US, I use jasmine rice when I want to cook rice for fried rice otherwise I use Kokuho red rice which is shorter grain and excellent. They are harvested in California by Koda Farm, organic, non GMO certified, and comes Kokuho Yellow or Kokuho Red ( more expensive) They are descendants of KR55
While KR55 and Calrose do share a common ancestor, saying Kokuho Rose®, is a Calrose variety is like saying that a thoroughbred race horse and a donkey are the same thing.
Perhaps this is what you call Japanese Rice? Mr. Koda immigrated to California in 1908 from Japan. I swear by his rice. It is really one of the best.


Dinner tonight is shrimp and lobster sauce but am using ground duck meat from Maple Duck Farm instead of pork( allergy to pork and red meat from 4 legged animals with hoofs)

1 lb Ground duck was added to caramelized onions, garlic, black beans, black beans with garlic sauce ( found out I was out of brown bean sauce) Shao Xing wine,rice vinegar soy sauce, bay leaf, fresh ground pepper, chili crisp and set aside

1 lb Argentina red shrimp ( U 12-15) sautéed with ginger,( Pomeranians cannot eat the spices and onions in the duck meat so they were each given a shrimp) scallions and garlic, then added to ground duck

Broth from roasted shrimp shells added, sweet potato starch to thicken, scallion and , then added towards the end 2 scrambled eggs, sesame oil and fried shallot.

Served with Kokuho Red Rice


Had planned on something else but out of some necessary ingredients.

Played with some of yesterday’s Turkish haul instead :grimacing:

Made Sigara Boregi using triangular wrappers from the store, and an approximated cheese filling. Pan-fried instead of deep fried.

Snacky meal, so i also added some of yesterday’s swiss chard and gram flour spirals.



Red and green plums with blue cheese. Really rather good and also brought our fruit fly infestation to a halt.

Simple burgers; cauliflower with cheese dip.


Quite fabulous! I’ll try this when I’, grown up!

I use Koshihikari from Niigata all these years after I moved out from my family. But because I only cook portions for 1-2 pax, for me and the mister, I don’t buy bigger 5kg packs. As for jasmine rice, used to eat certain brand but there’s no 2kg packs available in Singapore.

Anything imported is expensive. :sweat:

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Pizza topped with roasted yukon gold potatoes, yellow onion, mini peppers, leftover taco chicken thigh meat, pepperjack cheese and fresh oregano.

I made a small, quick 4 ingredient cheesecake topped with pureed strawberries for dessert.



Just curious, do you all make your own meat patties or simply buy from the meat section in the supermarkets? Convenience, just need to cook without the mess.

Not sure who you’re asking, but my take: I feel fairly safe with whole pieces of meat, not so much once it is cut up or ground. I either buy a chunk and toss in my small food processor or buy small quantities of ground chuck from my premium butcher. We male two meals from a pound and quarter. Just us…

Recipe please!

Genius! Saving.

I have no space to own blenders or processors. So it has to be either by hand or store-bought patties, not that I’ve gotten any before. :smile:

Been wanting to make hamburg steaks. Countertop space is tight - recalled making Swedish meatballs and other meatballs as well. Can only do things one at a time.


Bulgogi-esque tacos using a jarred “Korean” sauce from Aldi with a bunch of onion and garlic added. Ingredients sounded legit but it was way too sweet for me. I made a spicy sesame slaw and asparagus with ginger butter as sides.


No problem. My phobias needn’t become yours! Just buy small quantities from butcher counter or super of your choice. I have two feet of workspace which needs hold a bunch of cooking utensils. I work very small, smaller than is efficient but because of decades of having no work space it’s become my MO. Whatever works for you!

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