Turkish restaurant recommendation [Paterson NJ] ?

I’m hoping the knowledgeable NJ hounds have a recommendation for an authentic Turkish restaurant! Or even a Turkish grocery store that sells homemade food.

My Turkish friend is severely homesick and craving grape leaves and other goodies!

Our favorite is Toros, 1083 Main Street. We also like Al-Basha, but it is Lebanese.


not in Paterson but i have heard Hunkar , 319 Hackensack st Carlstadt is good , have not had it personally

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Toros is where we ended up! Thank you :slight_smile: The folks at the sweet shop also suggested Yakanoz as an alternative, FYI for others.

The latter is more fast casual looking, so we picked Toros.

Food was delicious, especially the Sigara, Manti and Adana. Apparently they don’t serve some things in the evening, and they had run out of others.

Highly recommend the baklava at Antep (the green ones made with pistachio paste are the closest I’ve had to Gulluoglu.

We also had a fun jaunt through Istanbul Food Market, which reminded me of a smaller Patel brothers but for Turkish ingredients (and blew my friend’s mind, plus points). We picked up some of their ready dishes like boreks, stuffed grape leaves, and bulgur kofte. All met with immediate approval as we broke into them pretty much on the spot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


*Antepli Baklava - lest someone go on a wild goose chase for somewhere called Antep :joy:

I’m so glad you enjoyed Toros. We’ve been going there for years.

I’ve never been to Istanbul Market but will make sure we stop in the next time we are in the area. I was going to mention Fatals Market, which is further up Main Street but when I looked up the address, it defined itself as a Syrian Bakery and Market. We usually go to Fatals because it has a parking lot. A big plus in Paterson.

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Recently got my haircut at Monmouth Mall and the woman who cut my hair recommended Lezzett in Paterson. I am in Paterson fairly often with time to kill so stopped by there on my way to Great Falls.
Small place with no printed menu and a 3 well steam table with the days offerings. The owner will let you know what else is available.
I opted for the Chicken Kabob, Chicken Bechamel and Chickpeas in broth. All came with red wine vinaigrette salad, rice and freshly sliced baguette.
Bechamel was cooked with tomato, eggplant and potatoes and had great flavor. Was pleasantly surprised at the inclusion of jalapeno, but it was a mild one. Good meal and will try and go when it is busier to try other items.


I predict that @MsBean It’s going to need to make a trip to Paterson now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We’ve been talking about going up there for a while now. This may be the final push I need.

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