What's for Dinner #44 - 04/2019 - the April Flowers but no Showers Edition

It’s April Fool’s Day - I pulled a prank off on a coworker by sending her a link about cats and other animals going off on adventures of their own (cats glamping, betta fish kayaking, donkeys cycling in New Zealand), and friends have pulled online food pranks on those in the groups by posting links to various “recipes”. Hopefully it’s been all in fun for you today!

But the bigger question is are you going to prank your family with their dinner tonight? :wink:


Just doing a carryover from last nights dinner.

Last weekend, I had an extraordinary Sicilian slice from Paulie Gee’s Slice in Brooklyn. I was detouring toward the Coffee and Tea Festival on my way home from a work conference and the pizza shop was on the way.

Tried to recreate it at home for dinner last night. It satisfied the craving, but not nearly as great as the one I had in Brooklyn.


Mustard glazed salmon, red rice and roasted B sprouts. The weather kept changing all day so I landed on standbys rather than over think dinner.

My darling is away so cooking for one all week. No grand meal plans. Freezer grabs and some local fare.

April Fool’s day means my brother calls me at 4am to go hiking until the sun guides us home. Then he cooks his famous baked eggs. Two fools in April :+1:

Have a great week!


Anyone kick off 4/1 with an Impossible Burger?


That’s a noteworthy day.


‘Cept it was brrrrr freezing. So those eggs and hot coffee where ahhh so right.


Last night was an antipasti salad and some short rib raviolis from the local Italian deli.



Smoked a meatloaf yesterday. Mashed potatoes and slaw


Spent part of the morning at my moms condo donating furniture and anything else wanted to a church group. Got rid of some furniture. Still a lot left to donate. They have more people in need

Picked up a chicken from the market and with some time on my hand (rainy day) decided to do a chicken ballotine for dinner. Had to watch and rewatch Jacques Pepin’s video to refresh my memory on technique. He makes it looks so easy. It’s not hard but there is a definite method to the madness


Dismantling a loved ones home hits you on many levels. Keeping you in my thoughts.

A kitchen project that requires your concentration is a good way to decompress!


More interesting than usual salad- the last of that jar of cornichons (i think i made it last an entire 48hrs!), more radishes- they’re very spicy! Olives , cucumber, cilantro, and some random corn black bean salad thing.
Trying to stay away from the chips this week! Pretzel fishies a la carte with kombucha


OMG, yes

Green coconut chutney chicken tenders, pole beans, and grilled eggplant and red peppers with dilled yogurt sauce. A little brown basmati rice on the side.


Yum! What was inside besides the ribs?

Something on my to make list a while. Should be very tender, right?

Very easy to eat. The only problem was the white meat was a bit dry for my taste. Doing it again I might try to shield the breast area with foil to slow the cooking

Wait, chicken ballotine is usually simmered in a broth, right? Maybe brown it at the end of the cooking if you want it to look more appetising.

Just had to look it up on Wikipedia. Roasting, braising or poaching. Maybe braising is a more classic technique

Mine was roasted

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Ah ok! :smile:

Here, when you show a ballotine, it has a high chance that it is cooked poaching, I guess it’s the trend here with low temperature cooking. But you are right that it can be cooked braising or roasting.