What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition



Messy tasty idea- used the seaweed snacks as mini taco wraps and put the cucumber/edamame/sunflower seed/sesame mix with sesame oil and rice wine vinegar in them. (I thought i had scallions…? Apparently no)
Glad there were no witnesses as there’s certainly no graceful way to eat it!

Bubbly kombucha a la carte and an enormous :tangerine:

(saregama) #365

I use those snacks for fake sushi “hand rolls” - no one looking, tastes great!

(saregama) #366

Finally used up the ground turkey I bought last weekend. Half as Adana kebab, with my new haul of spices, the other half is “curing” in the fridge as faux spanish chorizo, to be cooked tomorrow.

With the Adana kebab tonight, I made a big fattoush-ish salad with lots of shaved fennel, tomatoes, onions, the fresh sumac, and the pomegranate molasses I gave into at the spice store :grimacing:.


It’s a Top Chef night!
From Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables. Gasp! Not “fatty meat”!

No tonnato. I have no tuna! How did that happen? But I have anchovies and sardines.

Maybe I’ll try Sardine “Tonnato” Spread GOURMET AUGUST 2005


Oh man that fatoosh looks fantastic :heart_eyes:
Pomegranate molasses is fun, you’ll find lots of uses for it


Tried it! (Sardine tonnato)

(ChristinaM) #370

How was it?


I enjoyed it…way into the wee hours of the night. First time baking pita chips, and I don’t usually make “chips” part of my meal anymore, but I found them very satisfying for dipping the “tonato”, without being too filling. …Oh yeah; I was supposed to be dipping the broccoli. Broccoli was fine, but not as satisfying as the pita chips.

Glad to use the bottle of sardines I brought home from Spain, yay so many years ago.

Not sure about using “yay” here, but there it is.

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Food and Wine’s caramelized ginger chicken with sticky rice was WFD last night. Jasmine instead of sticky rice, but did do the scallion oil. All in all, good, if a little sweet for my taste, but that could have been user error as I cut the recipe in half and just eyeballed the measurements.

BF made an Asiany slaw alongside, with fried garlic and peanuts.


I have user error in cooking . But that’s from following recipies . :sunglasses:

(Eli Paryzer) #374

Mrs. P made an Asian duck leg confit tostada. She baked a tortilla to make it crispy. Besides the duck leg confit from D’Artagnan it contained scallions, English cucumber garlic clove, grated ginger, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, Chinese 5 spice, black sesame seeds, radishes, roasted beets, sautéed red onions, and arugula. It all went perfectly with a Melipac malbec blend that really picked up the spices.


Son went to pick up GF from airport today, told me he is taking her to a new restaurant for dinner, will bring me some when they return home.
Not knowing when they will arrive home, I was quite hungry, so decided to cook fish fried rice.
This is not a typical chinese fish fried rice as I cannot eat pork, am tired of chicken so , I am using maple farm duck sausage instead .
Here is is, a dried Croa

cker, ( I used only half to it, perhaps a whole would taste better. but it is really tough to cut into cube size)
First, I browned a medium onion, added some of my garlic cooked in EVOO from freezer, then added the dried fish, ( about a cup or just under, I used the tail, part of the head), then added 2 scrambled eggs, browned the duck l sausage separately, set them aside, added some chopped Napa cabbage, frozen mixed vegetables, and then the long grain rice cooked this morning, placed in fridge . To the rice I added some more garlic powder, pepper, and 2 more scrambled eggs, soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce , fish sauce,
Mixed everything together.
Tasted Good
I like to cook fried rice in the Plancha as it allows me to stir better since it has a bigger surface area with separate controls ( 24 inch total) to set aside on the other half of the plancha whatever I need to set aside temporarily without using another plate.
Dessert is Costco’s apple pie which I started to eat while cooking as I was fami shed!
Perhaps next time, I will add a tin of anchovy and omit fish sauce.


Do you like prepping for a recipe?
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Under your browser settings, there should be some sort of spell check or autocorrect option you can disable.

(ChristinaM) #377

Quickie meatless balls and ww spaghetti with marinara


Love roasted beets. Looks fantastic









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Or it may be an actual computer setting: https://www.howtogeek.com/244272/how-to-disable-autocorrect-in-windows-10/

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Thank you!


I do have auto spelling check in my Mac which I like but there are certain words they correct automatically. Example, when I type you, it automatically makes it capital Y.
There is another word that automatically becomes vengeance. Another word that they always change is Dooney Bourke when I was shopping for one of their bags. I got so frustrated with that. Oh well, I should pay more attention to it. T&hanks

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A quick google will hopefully help you sort it out. Maybe your son can try to help?