What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition


(saregama) #343

Bacon looks perfect! How do you cook it?


Kinda the same but kinda different… apparently i got the extra big olives! Kinda hard to tell in the pic but they’re big ones- just as tasty :)) the last of that bunch of cilantro, and a lot of edamame and sunflower seeds. Kimchi vinegrette

Bubbly kombucha a la carte.
I had sooooo many apples this past fall that i had to back off of them a while, recently tried these Opal apples and I’m very into them. So, for dessert this guy will get sliced up and schmeared with that hazelnut butter (which is really sweet! But that also prevents me from eating a lot at a time so might be a good thing;))

(saregama) #345

Leftovers after my cooking plans got derailed - Korean short ribs, garlic spinach, quinoa-rice. I’m always amazed at how a bag of baby spinach shrinks down…

(maria ascarrunz) #346

Tacos, from the carnitas I made Sunday. Rancho Gordo beans on the sides, and a cuke & shallot salad the BF made. Carnitas were the bomb, i must say.


Pork tenderloin and and fresh chickpeas with my soon-to-be Turkish son.

Son pointed out the chick peas are not the texture he expected. They are tasty (I used Ras al hanout and berbere), but not crispy like wasabi peas.

(Jimmy ) #348

On a foil covered cookie sheet pan in the oven. 350 degrees watched very closely. Every bacon I’ve done this way cooks up slightly different from every other. So any of them require “minding”.


Never tried chickpeas fresh…


Hainanese chicken inspired by @mariacarmen and @Saregama. Used the wok of life recipe posted by saregama. Except sauce 2: Sweet Dark Soy Sauce, which I find too sweet, the recipe works for me, the chicken needs longer time and hotter water than indicated to be cooked. For my first dinner, I added lemon grass to cook the rice.

For the following night, I made a more simple rice with minced garlic and ginger, shallots and salt and oil.

Yesterday was tricandilles - pan fried pork tripes, with garlic and some vinegar and butter and deep fried parsley. It is a stadium street food in the south west of France. You can’t find them in Paris. We brought them bag in a cooler bag. The tripes were cooked crunchy outside and soft interior.

(maria ascarrunz) #351

brava! oooh…now i want that chicken again…

what is the orange stuff on the rice? one of the sauces?

(maria ascarrunz) #352

those ribs are luscious!


Yeah, didn’t use the same dose of chilis, we can’t eat that hot!

(maria ascarrunz) #354

bloody eggs! what a horror show!


I want those too!


They are safe to consume or not?

(Jimmy ) #358

To me, seeing blood in a Hen’s egg indicates the egg was fertilized and started growing a chick–however small. So for me (us) it’s a turn off and complete “no go”.


There is Balut, I didn’t try that in Vietnam. Mr. N, a more courageous eater did and said it was pretty good, he felt the beck.


Balut is also a filipino delicacy
When I ws working in DC, I would be able to get them occasionally from a Filipino store.
They re delicious, esp when u crack one of the end, then suck the soup out,
The next part of the delicious ballot is the yolk and the embryo.
with just. pinch of salt, it is good.
Then, we come to the bottom which is the white part, a bit tough, that often I just throw away.
My husband did not mind eating it at all as long as he eats it in the dark.

(Jimmy ) #361

to naf, and ccj…

Not for this bland boy eater from the upper midwest.


They were soft, flaky and crispy. The leftover biscuits were a little tough, but still tasty.


It’s not really cold enough for soup but a neighbor dropped off kale so sausage, potato and kale soup it is. Home made chx stock, Penzeys Bavarian seasoning, random ends of veggis, etc. turned out very well!