What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition



Funny - after you replied, I googled it. I think it is the kiwi. See this snippet from an article I found online.

Raw pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that breaks down the protein in your milk, making it bitter. The same principle is applied when bromelain is used as meat tenderizer, either as powdered additive or as fruit-based brine.

This process takes a short while, so if you used pineapple in your cereal and eat it right away , it will not be bitter (unless the enzyme content in your fruit is excepitonally high), but after 30 minutes it will be noticeable.

Bromelaine will also keeping gelatine from firming up. Heating destroys the enzyme, so canned pineapple is perfectly “safe”.

Other fruit with similar properties are papaya (papain) and kiwifruit (actinidin).


Good to know! I think often kiwi is sold under ripe in most of the US. Maybe that would be why I haven’t had problems with it. Just realized I seldom add dairy to fruit salads! Now that could be why I haven’t had the problem! (I am not adjusting to daylight savings time very well so major sluggish brain.)


he will eat the fish nuggets from Trader Joe’s, baked in the oven! Of course, with ketchup!


When my mother served (over)boiled Brussels sprouts in the 1960’s, I put ketchup on them and called them bloody skulls. I otherwise did not eat ketchup. My four siblings refused to eat them with or without ketchup, bloody skulls or not. I actually like them roasted at high temp these days, without ketchup.


Using up some of the roast chicken in a panino with manchego cheese, prosciutto and a honey mustard. Not enough chicken. But not bad.

Cheeps alongside.


Same. I am ready for the USA to abandon DST.


I wish they would just stick to one way or the other. I have never been able to adjust well to the spring forward change.

My Father mentioned that he believes this began as an energy saving effort in WWII. No idea if that is true but he usually wins at history on Jeopardy!


And I’m told there are many “imposters”, depending on what San Marzano means to you.

Deconstructing Korean BarBQ marinade

My seedlings! Thank you seed swappers! Your maras are in here somewhere. Maybe they are not up yet.

And son is coming home for the first time in many months, and before he moves to Turkey for a while. He will usually join me in indulging in “fatty meat”, until dad and sister arrive this weekend.

First up; Korean style short ribs.

7:24, and still light out!


I’ve heard it was to help farmers so that their kids could go to school and still do some before and after farm chores while it was light out. I bet there are a bunch of stories about why, but it’s not really helpful anymore, is it?

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Ugh - same here. I have been sleepy and sluggish all week… wait, it’s only Tuesday


Salad situation with cucumbers, olives, and and pile of stemmy cilantro plus a bunch of bean sprouts. Kimchi vinegrette after the pic

Caught a photo of the crazy bubbly booch! (Counter was full of bottles I was washing for new batch) had a glass a la carte

I am helpless when faced with clearance nut butter. Even if it’s basically nutella without the chocolate like this one. I’ll smear it on an apple for dessert with my tea

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Cleared out some (healthy) leftovers before a movie, plus some snacks and cocktails after.

Lentil idlis (steamed cakes), coconut chutney, and curried carrot / broccoli slaw / coconut soup standing in for sambhar.


That is what I had always heard. I mentioned that theory to my father which is when he nixed it and gave the war rationale. Either way, it sucks. Edit: 1st done during WWI. Resumed during WWII. Efforts to standardize from '60’s onward.


After a week of feasting on brisket, it was time to cook! Sidenote - I think I’ve got my brisket recipe down now. It was so good. :yum:

Scallops over mixed grains with asparagus.

Aldis had several varieties of mixed grains in the “special purchase area”. These are small packets that can be cooked in the microwave or on the stove. I went with the stove. 1/4 cup dry became the perfect sized portion for one. It did require extra cooking with the lid off.

Scallops were riffed off a Bon Appetit recipe. I skipped the hazelnuts and garnished with toasted pecans, dry thyme subbed for fresh. Super fast, easy and very delicious. Last time I made this I followed the recipe and felt the hazelnuts were a bit mushy.

Super thin asparagus was laid on a cookie tin and drizzled with olive oil. Broiled until it began to get some color. Finished it with my homemade coarse lemon salt.

Dinner tomorrow will be a repeat since I only used half the asparagus and half the scallops.

Another big thank you to those who introduced me to Aldis frozen scallops. :bouquet: Luckily they seem to go on sale frequently!

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Only in the sense that Attila The Hun was just another human being.

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One of my nephews is half Spanish and spent his first few years in the country. They do not really have a concept of “kids food” there, so he pretty much ate what his parents were eating.

When they visited the UK, they would always stay with us. We’d take him to the supermarket when we were shopping and say he could have anything he wanted to eat. He would always go straight to the fish counter and choose whitebait. We’d fry them, of course, to nice and crispy. He loved them - and would always eat them with ketchup (coz he was five)

Category.....  Time ..Alex, I'll take Time for $200.... When this event happened, It moved the clock an hour when it still was attached to the wall in the same location?

Answer: What is when Daylight Saving started during WW1? (LOL)

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That was my guess, too!

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Please share brisket deets!