What's for Dinner #43 - 03/2019 - the SMarch Edition


(maria ascarrunz) #283

Here’s the pic of the Gumbo z’herbes (just collard greens, because I had so much of it). Slightly bitter, but I don’t think I burned it. We guzzled it all down, with plenty of of Frank’s RedHot and gumbo file. Two more containers in the freezer. I can’t believe it took me until last year to not just make but even try this dish!


Found a deluxe double wide fruit and veg street vendor by accident on the uws and scored some skinny asparagus and a combo of cara cara oranges and naval oranges. Steamed the asparagus and just added spiced salty mix

Peeled and prepped the oranges for easy snacking, of course had some as i did so- i leave them extra pithy because I don’t mind it and at some point i read the pith is really good for you (?)

Side mug of the cabbage beany stew from last night plus some bubbly booch


The second half of the pack of ribs on the smoker. Seems to be working . Snow melting , also caught a trout . Scalloped potatoes. No vegetable. Wine to drink :wine_glass:



Thank you!


Hope to be growing several related pepper seedlings this year (thank you seed swappers.)!

(ChristinaM) #288



Dinner was a fight to the finish but we got there. A self imposed challenge to use what was on hand so we had a brussel sprout, mushroom pasta with bacon and fried shallots. My kid had a mega meltdown for unknown reasons. My kitchen actually looked like a bomb went off.


I also have a self imposed challenge to create a new meal with leftovers and or what’s on hand. And boy does it feel good when the new meal was even better than the original. Win!!!


Oh, I get it’s too soon to have a conception of what a toddler will eventually end up eating … but our son came to us at age 7 via adoption and what happened before that has really constricted him in ways that most 19 year-olds don’t experience whatever their dietary limitations were before that age. He only recently accepts cheeseburgers, so we have a reasonable chance of traveling and being sure of finding at least one thing he will eat…


I use all of those peppers…maras, aleppo, ufra…almost interchangeably in lots of ways, mostly as ChristinaM does, but we also use them to roast green beans or broccoli along with olive oil and garlic…and egg dishes, for sure.


Hang in there!
Way back my 5 year old daughter asked for fish…I said what kind…she said McDonald’s.
Come to find out my mother in law gave her a taste of her filet-o-fish… We made some fried flounder a week later and she ate it, albeit with ketchup…

(maria ascarrunz) #294

omygod those ribs… drool-worthy.

(John Hartley) #295

I’m with the kid. The addition of sprouts to anything turns it into a vile farty thing.


HAHA! She only eats the pasta anyway.

(John Hartley) #297

Hah! Everything except the sprouts sounded lovely - just my sort of pasta dish.

Tonight at Harters Hall, it’s organic, rare breed pork chops - bought from a new guy at the farmers market. He raises Gloucester Old Spot piggies which are usually dead tasty, although these are small so the piggy must have been slaughtered quite young. Alongside - what i think is the last of the cranberry red cabbage I made at Xmas. And some mini roast spuds.

For dessert, the supermarket had loads of packs of pancakes near their sell-by date - presumably overstocked from Shrove Tuesday. Unfortunately the pack says they won’t freeze so we just got one pack. Traditional sugar and lemon juice to go with them.


LOL! I love when John chimes in about the vile farty things he dislikes so much. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


And yet you eat cabbage, @Harters. Aren’t Brussels sprouts just little baby cabbages? :wink:


No pics. Spent the weekend visiting sis, BIL and fam. They don’t cook and rely heavily on processed and frozen for their meals, so we were feeling pretty sluggish about 48 hrs in. Made a quickie to TJs where we bought a bag of yukons for mashed, a couple packs of ground chicken for meatballs, a giant chopped veg salad w/oil and balsamic (cruciferous mix plus shredded cabbage, shredded carrot, bell pepper, radish, sweet onion, cherry tomato), and a chopped fruit salad w/yogurt-lime-honey sauce. So colorful, flavorful and fresh. We were all feeling better after that. Quick curiousity. The fruit salad was bitter the next day. I wonder if one of the fruits interacted over time with the yogurt for this effect? We put in cantaloupe, a pear, apple, kiwi, raspberries. Thoughts anyone?


The cantaloupe would be my guess. Raspberries would just get mushy, the other three generally hold up quite well in fruit salads.


Tonight we had leftover quiche, one broccoli cheddar, and one spinach and artichoke with some leftover cheese from the weekend’s pizza, including fontina, parm, asiago and some gruyere thrown in for good measure. I actually think the quiche was better tonight reheated. There were slightly overdressed greens and hot sweet potato biscuits to accompany the quiche.

The biscuits were from Stella Parks at Serious Eats. They are pretty true to the recipe but have a generous tablespoon of dark brown sugar thrown in, and were cooked on a parchment-lined cookie sheet instead of in a cast iron skillet. It was my first time making sweet potato biscuits, but I’ll make them again and use Stella’s recipe. They were very good.