What's For Dinner #40 - 12/2018 - The Hearth and Home Edition


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That said, there are people here who don’t like people like me. Looking at the news overnight - three people stabbed in the city in what the cops are calling a terrorist incident. And, as they are hinting, it’s no coincidence that this took place at Victoria Station which is next to the Manchester Arena - location of the 2017 suicide bombing attack. What a fucking depressing way to end/start a year.


Problem is now these types of individual initiated terrorist attack become almost routine (Christmas market in Strasbourg in December).

Friends’ son about 14 years old and his classmates were with their teachers visiting London last year, they were told to stop the visit at one point and no further information was transmitted (Westminster Bridge incident). The kids had instinct that it was a terrorist attack and called their parents instantly and planned to return to France, while the adults accompanying them took much longer time to realise and would like to continue the trip. Friends said the kids now have terrorism drill at school.

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Last meal of 2018, veggie meatball BBQ sandwiches on soft toasted Kaiser rolls. The champers photo captures our reality perfectly.


We had a Leffe Christmas beer, husband is never a big fan of champagne.
It has a moderate malty aroma, notes of brown sugar, hazelnuts, caramel, subtle fruit and spicy touch.

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So true. This one strikes home because most times we go into the city to eat, we get off the tram at the stop before where this happened - maybe 200 metres away.


Rarely, the same place get it twice. For the time being, I guess more cops will be patrolling around the area of incident. Hope this won’t discourage you from eating out.

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Nice. New Year’s day libation:

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I love all these dried greens and vegs in regional Chinese cookery. Also fond of the salted daikon.

Don’t know the name but I know it seeing the photo and descriptions. Pretty sure it’s Hakka. Visited Hakka heartland in 2008 (Hekeng, Mei Zhou, Chao Zhou etc). In Hekeng mustard greens are on the ground or hung up to dry in every direction you look and on every surface.

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No, it won’t. They win if they manage to disrupt normal society. Our city has a long standing reputation as a tolerant, welcoming place.


New thread for January is up!


Did you make or buy the veggie meatballs? I’m always looking for new to me versions… (trader joe’s meatless balls are my go to)
LOL on the baby monitor and bubbles photo :))

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Bought from Aldi - suspected they are Morningstar Farms but the ingredient lists are a bit different. I like the original, not Italian flavor.


Hey, shrinkrap, those chickpeas look awesome. Do you have a recipe that you’d be willing to share?


one of my husband’s favorite
Remembering when we were in Paris '72 during Bastille Day and had to return to Munich . He ordered Escargot to bring back to Munich.
I still have some snails in a can from Whole Foods. Wander if I can use them still?
thanks for reminding me that I should try and eat those


Yikes! I have no idea! I always seem to be trying out new chickpea recipes!

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the guy and i were both born in london but lived in toronto most of our lives. in canada it’s all about eggnog at christmas but finding it in london, where we now live again, is really hard if not impossible. this year i found a recipe in a foodie blog i read all the time, so i decided to make some as a christmas gift for the guy. so on christmas morning, along with a new recipe for sausage stuffing and cranberry rolls, i made a beaker full. it was absolutely the same taste as the one we are used to drinking and a huge hit.

the recipe is here - i made it with less sugar, no alcohol, and no meringue but the base recipe is fantastic. and no preservatives or bad stuff in it. we’ve made it again and have the ingredients for at least one more batch.


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Thanks! I rarely go to the nyc Aldi but that’s great they carry two different flavors. During the Great Meatless Ball Shortage at Trader Joe’s -for most of 2017- I discovered that whole foods 365 brand meatless balls are excellent, and surprisingly same price and weight package to TJs if that’s ever helpful. ;))


Friend brought to hour house veggie patties from Whole Foods that as excellent. I do not know the price.


Ooooh, thanks for that! I have seen the 365 brand veg patties but never tried them (too many not good veg patties out there so i am loyal to my few favorites)